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How to present myself in interview?


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Repeating the same old story again, the first impression is the last impression. And as they say, first impressions happen quickly. So the first meeting is all you have got, and you better make the most of it. Right from the time you enter the office and introduce yourself to the receptionist, to the time you are done with your interview, you need to be present yourself like a pro.


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Given below are some tips that you can follow to achieve this:
• Dress appropriately. Your dress represents and expresses your personality, at least for the initial few minutes until you get involved in the discussion and start speaking your mind. So dress according to the environment of the office you are going for the interview. For this, you may need to do some research about the company and its type beforehand. Avoid excessive accessories or funky prints so that the attention of the interviewer is on you more than your outfit.
Work on body language. I know the major criteria of your selection are going to be your skills. But every company wants to build a good office culture and for that, it needs its employees to possess the overall smartness. And body language is one of the most important things that matter. When you are in the lobby, waiting for your interviewer, sit with your arms on the armrest or on your lap, instead of getting yourself busy in your mobile phone.
During the interview, keep your back straight, shake hands firmly, stand whenever your interviewer enters and leaves the room. Always smile and maintain eye contact while talking to the interviewer.
• Prepare what to say beforehand. It’s true that the best thing to do when you are getting interviewed is to go with the flow and let the interviewer know your actual personality. However, there are some questions which are classic and you should be well prepared for them. The most obvious question that is asked in almost all the interviews is “Tell me about Yourself”.
Prepare a good and interactive answer for this question before the interview and practice delivering it in front of the mirror or a friend.
• Act natural and be yourself. For other spontaneous questions, it’s okay if you take some time to think. Just go with “let me take a moment to answer this”. This will give the interviewer an impression that you are a sorted out person and don’t run to conclusions and answers.
• When you meet your interviewer, specify your full name boldly and firmly along with the job role you have applied for.
• Leave with the usual “Nice to meet you” and a smile.



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Interviews are the most popular recruitment methods and also the most crucial ones. The interviewers not only judge you on your knowledge but also on the way you present yourself. It is very important that one should remember a few things while sitting for an interview.

1. Greetings: When you greet tl and submit your C.V. to the interviewer remember to sit up straight and have a casual smile .

2. Describing yourself: Before going for any interview you should know yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, your hobbies and interests. These are the most important questions that helps the interviewer to sum up your personality.

3. Knowledge of the organisation: Before going for any interview do a quick check on the company's history, object, worth etc. This will give the interviewer a positive view about you and us sometimes beneficial on answering a few questions.
4. Confidence: confidence is the most important part of your personality which is checked in an interview. You don't want to appear over confident also. Just the perfect amount of confidence along with a humble attitude will get you there.

5. Lies: Do not lie about yourself or the activities that you person because they generally cross check it and this creates an awkward situation for you as well.

6: CV : A strong CV is always a boost and a plus point for you.

So altogether these easy dos and Don'ts will help you get through your interview easily. All the best.


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