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Simran Kapoor

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How to promote Youtube videos in 2020


blogger | Posted on

YouTube is a social app to gain popularity and prestige by uploading your videos. Anyone can make a video but not everyone can popularize it. It is necessary for a video to gain popularity through increased number of viewers and subscribers.

Below mentioned are some of the ways to promote a video on YouTube:-

1. Video Title ( Optimize it for more clicks):-
Use a suitable title which goes with your upload and make it such that it can be used for other uploads as well.

2. Video Tags- ( ultilize the 500 characters limit) :-
Don't tag too much. But use all the mandatory and famous tags and utilize all the 500 characters.

3. Use a good thumbnail:-
Your thumbnail should be catchy and unique. Do not copy or prolong it.

4.Use intro and outro video for Branding

5. Promote videos on Social media channels:-
To gain more and more number of viewers and admirers, post about your upload on your facebook and instagram account. Recommend more and more to your acquaintances.

6. Start a blog for YouTube channel:-
Start writing about your work and approach in a blog. Promote your channel through blogging.

7.Use youtube playlist :-
Add your upload in a playlist. If you add your upload in a well famous playlist or if you create your own playist then people get recommendations for all your videos. So, your videos become easily accessible.

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