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Rakesh Singh

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How to reduce excess salt in curries?


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It all happened to us, right? Sometimes we are in a situation when we have sprinkled extra salt in our vegetables. It is tougher to fix when we have guests at our place. But no need to worry now. If, you want to fix a dish in which you have added too much salt follow these handy tips and make your curries free from excess salt. I had personally tried all the tips, and no doubt they work the best.

Wash and peel the skin of a raw potato. Slice into four pieces and add to the gravy. Let it sit in the dish for ten minutes. You can also add boiled mashed potato on your curry and boil it for 5 minutes. The potato will soak up the excess salt from vegetables. Remember to discard the potatoes before serving.

Adding two to three tablespoons of yogurt or malai helps to reduce the additional salt.

If your curry contains onion and tomato gravy, you can prepare more onion and tomato gravy without salt and add it to the curry. This will make your curry balanced one.

This tip comes directly from my mother. Add few small balls of kneaded chapatti dough in your dish. Boil the dish for around four to five minutes. It will soak all the excess salt, remove the dough balls before serving.