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Kaamya Bajaj

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How to remove dark spots on skin?


Student | Posted on

Dark Spots on the skin can be removed easily by some simple home and natural remedies.

Natural Remedies includes-
1) Drink plenty of water-Water helps in clearing the blood and it keeps our body hydrated and by drinking more water skin cells remain in a good condition.
2) Papaya-If eating papaya keeps the digestive system in good condition than applying papaya paste on the face improves skin by removing dead cells.

3) Aloe Vera gel-It soothes the skin and gives a glow.

4) Buttermilk-Buttermilk has immense qualities. It works as a skin cleanser and toner.

6) Lemon- You can apply lemon on the skin to remove or to lighten dark spots as lemon is enriched with Vitamin C.
It is very easy to use, apply lemon juice on the skin, once dry just wash with cool water.

If the condition is not getting cured from home remedies than you can consult a specialist. Medicines should always be taken by a proper practitioner. A Dermatologist can suggest which medicine is helps remove dark spots on the skin.


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