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Jessy Chandra

Fashion enthusiast | Posted on | Health-beauty

How to remove excessive oil from face?


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Yogurt is also a good material used to absorb your excessive oil, it is easy to find and cheap. To use it, you will only need to apply the yogurt into the problem area. Do this regularly every day. Yogurt contains lactic acid; this substance helps by exfoliating the skin and absorbing the oil.


students | Posted on

As a lady with sleek skin myself, I have many tips that I can provide for you to help with slick skin.

First of all, what's your healthy skin routine resemble?

With regards to healthy skin for slick skin, you have to have an equalization of 'drying' items and 'saturating' items. For the most part, for those with sleek skin (like us), when utilizing drying items you have to stay away from over-drying your skin on the grounds that your skin will react by making more oil.

By and by, I truly like Proactiv+ skincare for sleek skin. (Note: My remark isn't supported by them. This is my actual fair sentiment on the item.) The framework keeps skin break out from coming, keeps my skin from being sleek, yet at the same time leaves it saturated and sound.


Makeup artist at Jawed Habib | Posted on

The problem of having excessive oil on skin is faced by a lot of people as summer starts approaching. This problem becomes major when you have the oily skin and you use a little bit of makeup on face. Generally, people wash their faces over and over again to rid of excessive oil but washing your face many times makes your face dull and becomes oily faster.

Tomatoes are easily available in houses that are used in making a lot of dishes but do you know that the tomato can be very beneficial for your face, too. Face pack with the help of tomatoes you can easily make at home and it helps in removing excessive oil from your face.

Cut the tomatoes and boil them in hot water till it gets thickens. As it becomes thick, separate the seeds with a help of sieve and add 3 or 4 drops of lemon to the paste. After this, apply the lukewarm paste on your face and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. Now, wash your face with warm lukewarm water. Do this process 4 times in a month and you will notice no more excessive oil on your skin and your face will start glowing.



Blogger | Posted on

I also had pimples because of my sleek face and I attempted various face washes and face veils consistently.

I was so worn out on everything that I chose simply keep it straightforward.

This is the thing that I did and now my face is without pimple and neither sleek nor dry :)

1. Wash face subsequent to awakening, in the wake of returning home from outside and before resting.

2. Ensure your face is spotless before resting cause the skin needs to breath

3. drink loads of water.

4. With respect to nourishments, you can undoubtedly anything. No limitations :)

5. I tossed out all the face washes and face covers, and began utilizing just Dove cleanser all over. it's delicate and saturating simultaneously.

6. stay away from pointless creams on the face.

Expectation it helps :)