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Trishna Dhanda

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How to say please in japanese?


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Please in Japanese is : お願いします (Onegaishimasu)

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Feelings do not vary, only language varies according to the different locations. Here we are talking about Japan and will let you know how to say please in the Japanese language.

How to say I love you in Japanese? Friends, these three magical words are told everywhere irrespective of the region. And people find it interesting to know its translation into several other languages like Japanese, and so on. Similarly, please is a requesting word and it is too useful to know its translation in Japanese.
Suppose, you visited Japan and you need some sort of help in an unknown place. You want to seek help, please help me in Japanese. So here is the guidance for saying please in Japanese kanji. Kanji is a Japanese word whose English translation is feeling.
In Japanese, onegaishimasu is added at the end of the sentence whenever you are requesting something. Suppose, you want to request a Taxi to take you to your destination Shinjuku hotel. It will be said that Shinjuku Hoteru made onegaishimasu.
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Another example can be: Suppose you want to request a cup of tea. Then you need to say Koohii o onegaishimasu.
Well, in the word 'onegaishimasu', negai means 'a favor'. Whenever you need any kind of favor in Japan, the word 'onegaishimasu' needs to be used at the end of a sentence.
Friends, there is yet another way to say please in Japanese Kudasai. Like 'onegaishimasu', the word 'Kudasai' is also added at the end of the Japanese sentence. Japanese do not add 'Kudasai', at the end of the sentence not to ask for any favor but to request someone to perform a particular action.
Here are three examples:
1.Suppose you want someone to listen to what you are going to say. In English, you would have said 'Please listen to what I am going to say. In Japanese, it is called Kiite Kudasai.
2.The Japanese, suwatte kudasai is the translation of 'Please sit down. Interesting Right.
A question may arise about how to say more please in Japanese. Well, the translation of 'more please' is 'Motto kudasai' in Japanese. Whenever you are requesting to say more please, you need to add 'Motto Kudasai' in the sentence.