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Sumil Yadav

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How to say Thank You in ten different languages?


Thinker | Posted on

“Thank you” is the first phrase in any language for basic etiquettes. It is a phrase most commonly used in any language. Whenever you converse or communicate with a stranger, this word becomes important after the usual hello. Here are ten different ways of saying “thank you” in different languages to widen your lingual horizons so that your conversation with the person of any nativity goes unhindered.

1. Hindi – Dhanyawaad

2. Urdu –Shukriya

3. Japenese - Arigatou gozaimasu

4. Chinese – Xie Xie (with bowing down)

5. German –Danke

6. French –Merci

7. Italian –Grazie

8. Spanish –Gracias

9. Persian –sepasgozaram

10. Russian –Spasibo

So now whenever you feel the need of being polite with anyone, just remember you have more than just one way of saying “thank you”.