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Vikas Gupta

Works at Accountant | Posted on | Science-Technology

How to start an automotive manufacturing industry in India?


Manufacturer | Posted on

Actually, its good to think big, but coming to the fact that to start your own automobile company is a noble thought in India. As it would be providing employment to so many young and talented skill set.
Now coming to the plan which you have, well I would always say to focus on 1 model first is great. But to take this idea from drawing board to the road is the real task.
You need to understand the market segment for which you would like to design, choose it and freeze it first. Secondly, try to list down the "bill of materials" required to build a prototype. For prototype in starting to try to outsource the engine and other components from other manufacturers. For body parts, different dyes would be required which cost max in the bill. Try to look out for some OEM who are experts in metal or fabrication, they could help you in better understanding and getting the thing rolling. get the paintwork also done by the experts known to them.

All the very best for your endeavor. Maybe my knowledge helps you a bit.
Cheers, have a great one.
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buytaiwanexcellence | Posted on

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Vehicle Industry and Auto Components, Automotive segments, Spare parts, Auto Parts, Car Parts, Replacement Parts, Tractor Parts, Motorcycle Parts, Auto Body Parts, Two Wheeler, Three Wheeler and Four Wheeler Parts, Accessories and Spares Projects 

The vehicle business is one of the key drivers that supports the monetary development of the nation. The Indian car industry incorporates bike, trucks, vehicles, transports, three wheeler and four wheeler which assume a significant job in development of the Indian economy. The nation is relied upon to top the world in Car volumes with approx. 611 Million vehicles on the country's street by 2050. The economy advancement of this industry is demonstrated by the measure of products and ventures delivered which give the limit with regards to transportation and lift the clearance of vehicles. There is immense increment in car generation with an impetus impact by implication expanding the interest for various materials like Steel, Rubber, Plastics, Glass, Paint, Electronic and Services.

The Indian vehicle industry is one of the biggest on the planet. India's car industry is a standout amongst the most aggressive on the planet. It doesn't cover 100 percent of innovation or parts required to make a vehicle yet it is giving a decent 97 percent. The Indian car area can possibly produce up to US$ 300 billion in yearly income by 2026, make 65 million extra occupations and contribute more than 12 percent to India's Gross Domestic Product.

There are a wide scope of employments accessible in the car business. With the quantity of vehicles accessible out and about today, the need and necessity for individuals who can fix these machines is quick expanding. Professions like vehicle expert, vehicle or bicycle mechanics are an incredible choice. Turning into a diesel specialist is likewise a huge option.

India is likewise a conspicuous auto exporter and has solid fare development desires for the not so distant future.

Development Drivers:
· Passenger vehicle generation to develop to 9.4 million units every year by 2026
· Commercial vehicles generation to develop to 2.0 million units every year by 2026
· Two wheelers generation to develop to 50.6 million units every year by 2026
· Three wheelers generation to increment to 0.95 million units by 2026
· The accessibility of an assortment of vehicle models address differing issues and inclinations.
· Favorable government approaches like lower extract obligations, car mission designs, the constitution of NATRiP, National Mission for Electric Mobility 2020, FAME - Faster Adaption and Manufacturing of Hybrid land Electric Vehicle and so forth.

The Indian auto-parts industry has encountered sound development in the course of the most recent couple of years. This industry stays one the quickest developing portions in India's assembling division. To the extent speculations are concerned, the Government of India keeps on empowering remote interests in the segment. Some approach activities incorporate programmed endorsement for outside value speculation up to 100% for production of cars and parts, delicensing the business and permitting free imports of auto segments.

As demonstrated before, the auto segment providers are rising as frameworks providers with ability to plan and create basic parts. The Indian vehicle parts industry has, presumably, noteworthy cost points of interest, principally because of lower work cost (around one-fifteenth of Japanese expense). The substantial work cost advantage converts into a general cost preferred standpoint of 20-30% over the Japanese makers, in spite of lower work efficiency.

The improved nature of vehicles and maintenance agreements offered by the vehicle makers has helped the presence of a gigantic optional market in India. The Indian auto-parts industry can be extensively grouped into the composed and sloppy areas. The sorted out part takes into account the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and comprises of high-esteem exactness instruments while the disorderly segment includes low-esteemed items and cooks for the most part to the reseller's exchange class.

Vehicle and Auto Components Policy 2015-20 means to produce new work open doors for something like 2 lakh individuals and draw in new speculations of at any rate Rs. 20,000 crore in this area by 2020.
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This report encourages you to distinguish a gainful undertaking for putting or expanding into by tossing light to vital zones like industry estimate, advertise capability of the item and explanations behind putting resources into the item

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