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satish Agarwal

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How to survive a job when there is a bad boss??


Software engineer at HCL technologies | Posted on

If you are to report to someone every evening you are not good with, well, surviving eve your dream job could be difficult. First of all, please know that no one is inherently and essentially bad. It’s the circumstances they are working in that makes their behavior bad towards you.


So the trips and tricks that you might want to try for dealing with a “bad boss”, need to be tackled very carefully. Here are some of them:

Try to understand their circumstances and problems

This comes from my own personal experience. Sometimes your boss has no choice but to be strict and bad with you, according to the demands of work load or pressure of your boss’s seniors on her.
Before making a certain opinion about your boss, try to find about her own hardships, work load, and deadlines. Be it any organization, its members need to have a mutual understanding for the sustenance of a healthy working environment.


Be determined and never doubt yourself

Even if he or she has their own reasons of being bad, you should not allow anyone to let your morale down in any way. Always remember that posts are ill-determinants of competency and they being your seniors doesn’t mean that you know less or that they can overpower you regarding the work related to your field.

You need to believe in your competency and learn to take your stand.

Always be ahead of your boss

If you know that your boss is pestering you unnecessarily, start anticipating and guessing about their demands and learn how to be always ahead of them. Keep all your tables and reports up to date and avoid giving them any chance to point out your mistake.

Make them know that you are very clear about your responsibilities and they don’t need to keep a watch on every move of yours. This can also help in trust building which can later improve your boss’s behavior towards you.


Don’t try to even the score

Don’t pester them unnecessarily like they are doing with you, by taking long lunch hours or not completing reports on time. Such petty tricks would only worsen the situation for both of you. It will also lead to the piling up of your own work.

Don’t butter

Just be yourself and act as natural as possible. Don’t try to impress your boss unnecessarily and never forget your responsibilities towards the company. If you are giving them enough respect that they demand, and taking your work as a topmost priority, buttering and such tricks would not be needed at all.

Also, if your boss keeps a professional attitude towards his work and doesn’t lack competency, he or she would be irritated instead of impressed by your buttering.  


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