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how to tie a tie?


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There are many ways to tie a tie.

There are many different kinds of knots, right from Nicky and Victoria to Trinity and Balthus.

There’s even a book called “The 85 Ways to Tie a Tie” by Thomas Fink and Yong Mao, published on 4th November 1999.

Here’s a simple way to tie a tie…

• Fit the tie around your collar where the thick end is on your left and is 3-4 inches lower than the thin end.

• Cross that thick end in front of the thin end. Something like this…


• Now wrap that thick end around the thin end so it passes horizontally from right to left.

• Bring that thick end horizontally to the front of the knotfrom right to left. Now slip a finger beneath the horizontal band to create a space between the two ends. Like this…

• Take the thick end around to the behind and slide it through the space that you have created with your finger.

• Pull the thick end all the way down. It would tighten the knot.

• To adjust the tightness, hold the knot and pull the thin end.
And that’s how you tie a tie knot.

Quite easy really!

Here’s a video guide on how to tie a tie…

Here’s it is in Hindi…

Hope this helps!


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My recommendation is that before you Google, or discover an Utube video and adhere to their bit by bit directions, you should first choose the kind of bunch you need. I like the Full Windsor since I think it looks superior to different bunches. There is a bunch that is a lot simpler and faster to tie, however I think it looks second rate, {to me} messy, doesn't focus effectively and inclines fairly. That bunch has a name {which I don't invest incredible energy to recall}, and is generally the first bunch of the 12, or so types on the rundown since it's the most straightforward to tie, not on the grounds that it's the best. Alright, Google for the names of the bunches, at that point look into the video directions. It takes persistence, so on the off chance that you don't have any simply purchase a tie that is tied. Take Care and Stay Safe, Dapper DanLetsdiskuss