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how to timepass at home in coronavirus curfew time?


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If you sit at home, do this work, stay positive

We all know that due to corona virus, a state of emergency has been declared in many cities. More and more people are advised to stay indoors but staying indoors at all times is a difficult task. However, this is a great way for people at home to spend time with family. Think of it not negatively, but how can you make this time better and at the same time avoid this virus.
Let's know how to make this time better ...
Think positive, not negative
Even if you are locked in the houses due to corona virus, but instead of thinking it negative, you can also think positively. There are many people who are unable to give time to their family due to work or busy schedule. This is the best time to spend time with them.

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Spend time with family
Due to daily rush and busy schedule, people are unable to spend time with their families. But, this is the time when people have been discharged from their work and are forced to stay home. This is the perfect time to spend time with family. So take advantage of this time and spend time at home with your family and friends.
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House cleaning
Cleaning the house is not only a good way to pass time, but it can also keep you from virus. So if you too are not able to concentrate on cleaning the house due to being busy then this time is perfect for that.

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Do cooking
You can make these days better by having your children cook their favorite meals, plan a picnic in your home garden or even a balcony.
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Teach children new things
This is also a good time to learn new things with children. This will also entertain the children and you will also get a chance to spend time with them. Whenever you get time, keep trying to catch up on small studies.
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Meditation and yoga
If you are unable to pay attention to your health during work, then take advantage of holidays and do meditation and yoga. You can also teach easy yoga to your children. This will keep you healthy and time will also pass.
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Time to upgrade yourself
If you are unable to take time out from your job and learn something, then this is a great time for you. In this short period of time, you can upgrade yourself by reading something or learning something new.
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You can also pass the time by watching the latest movies on Netflix. This is a better option for those who stay away from PG or Family. However, you can also watch a fun and comedy film with your family.
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Play games with kids
If you want to do something in free time, then playing games is a great option. This relieves stress and keeps the child's mind engaged.