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emran khan

Blogger | Posted 27 Nov, 2018 |

How to travel safely during the holiday season?

jai kodi

Student | Posted 06 Jan, 2020

Take Your clothes properly with you.

For your vehicles keep a trustable and safe driver.

While a long-distance take some refreshing depot.

Keep your cellphone along with you and don't forget to carry a charger/power bank.

Schedule your travel before moving.

Mary Smith

writer | |Updated 06 Jan, 2020

Many places to travel safely during the holiday season



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Simren Sharma

Digital Marketing | Posted 13 Aug, 2019

Many things keep in mind while traveling outdoors 

  1. Prepare your home for optimum safety.
  2. Have your car inspected and/or serviced before you leave, and keep an emergency kit in it.
  3. Know how to drive safely on icy roads. 
  4. Plan the drive ahead of time, and know alternate routes. 
  5. Make frequent rest stops. 
  6. Carry a cell phone and charger

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Cab Rentals | Posted 15 Apr, 2019

1. Avoid traveling on the day of the holiday, Travelling a couple of days before or after the holidays is considered to be the best.

2. Map the route & Travel smart One of the best ways to avoid traffic on the road when you are traveling is to start your journey early in the morning or late at night.

3. Keep your luggage safe : Travel Insurance can help you recover the losses incurred.

4. Accidents are unavoidable - be cautious If you’re planning to travel with your family, make sure you are well aware of the area, check the hotel ratings, area etc.

5. And overall get an travel insurance to keep your mind in peace.


|Updated 08 Apr, 2019

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E-Visa India

@E-Visa | Posted 01 Apr, 2019

1. Avoid travelling on the day of the holiday

Travelling two or three days before a vacation is an ideal time. Going on the very day of the occasion can end up being an extremely repulsive undertaking.

Above all else, the ticket cost goes exponentially up and furthermore the surge can be truly irritating. You should endeavor to club the occasion with an end of the week.

Like Christmas falls on a Tuesday this year, taking the Christmas Eve off from work can result in a major, long end of the week and will be ideal for a little excursion.

this way you can spend more time with your family and avoid unnecessary peak charges and hurtle.

2. Travel Smart evisaindia

                                                                      APPlY NoW

On the off chance that you are going to utilize an open transport, ensure you realize the course ahead of time.

In case you're going by street, utilize a satellite-route framework in your vehicle, to remain refreshed about the traffic situation out and about.

A standout amongst the most ideal approaches to maintain a strategic distance from traffic out and about when you are heading out is to begin your adventure promptly toward the beginning of the day or late during the evening.

3. Keep your luggage safe

In spite of getting ready for days, there are odds of your touring plans going haywire. Furthermore, in this disorder, keeping an eye for your baggage can be a ton. Commonly, individuals wind up in a preventable issue of baggage getting lost.

NB - A smart thought is put resources into movement protection for your occasions, it's smarter to be sheltered than sorry.

4. Accidents can happen - be cautious

While there are numerous who like to remain at home amid the Christmas season, there are other people who like to go amid this season. In case you're intending to go with your family, ensure you think about the goal well ahead of time.

In case you're heading to your vacation goal, ensure that your vehicle has experienced a full administration/examination to guarantee that the vehicle is ok for the streets

It's also advisable to make sure that you have safety gear i.e. first aid kit placed in the car - you may not need it but it would be great to know that it's easily accessible.

5. Make frequent rest stops

Driving in the summer can be draining for the driver especially while making a long road trip.

Making frequent stops to rest or just stretch your legs is important for keeping your energy level high enough to be alert on the road.

Even just stopping for a few minutes every few hours can do wonders for your energy level.


Posted 01 Apr, 2019

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Priyal Verma

Student | Posted 30 Mar, 2019

Holiday season is obviously one of the busiest time of the year as people with their packed suitcases are ready to leave behind their mundane routines and set on a journey to make new memories to be cherished forever.Since,it is going to be crowded,it is absolutely imperative to travel safely.

Some of the tips for the same are given below:

1.Firstly,it's important to leave your home safe when you're gone.So, it is advised to able your security systems or if you don't have any,you can either buy some or go for DIY(do it yourself).

2.Pack with yourself extra cash and an emergency medical kit for the unforeseen circumstances that may present themselves.

3.It is imperative to plan everything in advance.Like if you're using public transport then know the route in advance and if you're taking a personal vehicle,use the navigation system to avoid risky routes.

4.All the members included in the trip should have a photocopy of the itineraries and all their identity requirements and passports in case of emergencies.

5.It is always smart to pack more essentials,stay hydrated throughout the trip to make the most of it and also,keep an eye on your belongings.Also,make frequent stops lest the journey will exhaust you.


Posted 30 Mar, 2019

Keep essential tools. For example: sun protector, first aid etc. 

You can Keep a ***** for your child.


Posted 20 Feb, 2019

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Zyan Malik

Blogger | Posted 31 Jan, 2019

We believe its very important to be safe while you travel. We have a community of 100s of travellers who we asked this very same question to and compiled the ways to be safe while you travel.

Nandini Moulik

CHIEF EXECUTIVE, Creativekart, Experienced writer, blogger | Posted 29 Nov, 2018

Come holiday season and you will see the mad rush of holiday crowd. Amidst this, it is extremely important to take care of your safety and security while you are on the go. With the month long holiday season about to start post Thanksgiving, here are the following tips that would keep you safe and sound during travel:

• Safety measures start from home. Ensure your house is secured before you set out for the holiday.

• Chart your itinerary smartly to save time. Look for the safest and less-crowded routes.

• Check the weather so that you can avoid snow covered highways.

• If you plan to drive, check your car thoroughly. While driving take frequent rest stops. Allow your body to stretch a bit.

• If you plan to take public transport, check the route in advance and plan your schedule accordingly.

• Avoid traveling on red-letter days or specific holidays. Everything is pricey on those days and you face the disturbing rush.

• Carry light. Keep your luggage and belongings safe especially when you are in a queue.

• Be proactive to prevent accidents. Leave well before time. Avoid hurrying while walking, driving and boarding and alighting the public transport.

• Get a travel insurance that will cover the mishaps occurred during travel.

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