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Purvi Jain

@Purvi | Posted 01 Apr, 2019 |

how to write an impressive essay

Naksh Kaloo

Blogger | Posted 16 Dec, 2019

The golden rule to writing in an impressive way is to understand the readers, be it an essay or blog.

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hindi status

student | Posted 14 Dec, 2019

There are many websites that can write good articles. such as article forige.

Jessie Cortez

@Jessie | |Updated 14 Dec, 2019

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Siddhi Agarwal

@student | Posted 01 Apr, 2019

If essay-writing isn't quite your cup of tea, you may be unsure of how you should go about your preparation .it goes without saying that you must prepare and practice .  First of all you should think about your content- the topic itself-what are the keywords? What is it about? What information do you have? What ideas or views do you have on the basis of this information? Remember to make quick, concise notes as you brainstorm, to ensure that you recall important ideas. Effective notes and careful thought would help you organize your content.

Start by reading some well-written articles and essays. Look at the way they have been structured, especially now that you have an idea of what goes into a good essay. Next try re-writing. Once in a while, of the articles and essays that you read , take one that you've understood well read it again, put it away, and try re-writing content in your own words. This would help you get familiar with writing as an activity.Then get started on your own essays. Gain practice and confidence in being able to write effective essays of 400-600 words in length. Remember, it's the practice and self assessment that help you do it. A decent amount of practice will surely help you in writing an excellent essay.And , who knows, you may gain enough confidence in your written expression to aim to be, if not the perfect essayist, at least the next Chetan Bhagat!

I hope this article helps you bring out the best in you.