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Abhishek Misal

Project head in keon design | Posted on | Science-Technology

How would a user add comments on videos (in realtime)


SEO Analyst | Posted on


By adding real-time functionalities to your application can result in more interactive and great engaging user experience. However, setting up and maintaining the server-side and real-time components can be an unwanted issue. But don’t worry; it is can be operated easily if you follow right procedures.

There is no solid reason why this should be limited to comments only but not also let you to leave a comment on your audio or video. You can use a thread to leave audio or video comments. You can login with your username and password.

To comment follow the below steps:

• Type a short text comment in the given comment box
• Click on add comment on audio or video link.
• Click next when done
• Save the comment
• You are done


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