How would you pay tribute to Chocolate Boy Rishi Kapoor? Share 2 lines spoken by them which you like very much? - letsdiskuss
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How would you pay tribute to Chocolate Boy Rishi Kapoor? Share 2 lines spoken by them which you like very much?


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Shutting curtains.The Bollywood we grew up watching, these masquerades, that solitary screen beguile , these entertainers and executives, these hues, this sentiment will never return.. A time is extremely close to end.

#RIP you will consistently be recollected by an entire age , as you and your movies will never be overlooked. #karz one of my top picks ,Your grin constantly topped off the screen as you topped off our souls. You will consistently be recollected

It is a dim week for Indian film, and the world can feel it.

Only a day after Irrfan Khan's end, veteran entertainer Rishi Kapoor died following a two-year long fight with malignancy.
Rishi Kapoor has died in a hospital in clinic in Mumbai at 67 years old. ... Recently, his sibling Randhir Kapoor affirmed to news office PTI that the entertainer had been taken to medical clinic toward the beginning of the day. "He is in the emergency clinic. He is experiencing malignant growth and he makes them inhale issue, so he has been admitted to the emergency clinic.
On-screen characters, legislators just as sports characters posted tributes via web-based networking media and imparted affectionate recollections to Rishi Kapoor.

Rishi Kapoor was admitted to HN Reliance Hospital in Mumbai on Wednesday morning, his sibling Randhir Kapoor said. The senior entertainer was determined to have disease in 2018 and he came back to India from New York in September 2019 after his malignant growth treatment.

Rishi Kapoor featured in notable movies including Kabhie, Karz, Chandni and Amar Akbar Anthony. He was most recently seen in the web arrangement The Body on Netflix.
Rishi Kapoor is made due by his child, entertainer Ranbir Kapoor, little girl Riddhima Kapoor Sahni and spouse Neetu Singh.

''Thērē are good and bad times in each relationship. However, that doesn't imply that couples should isolate or get down to cruel conduct.''


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Rishi Kapoor had illicit relationships with his co entertainers like Dimple Kapadia, Juhi Chawla and Divya Bharathi. Rishi was a womanizer like his dad Raj Kapoor and something very similar is going on with Ranbir Kapoor.

Ranbir Kapoor doesn't have a decent connection with his dad since he was a drunkard and never minded his kids. Neetu dealt with them and that was the explanation Ranbir is so near his mom.

Ideally Ranbir Kapoor remains consistent with Alia Bhatt. He previously sold out Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif.


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“I am not advocating beef-eating. But I am advocating freedom to have an opinion and a voice.”

Rishi Kapoor was more than just an actor. He was truly like any average person (only much more good-looking and with an unmatched passion for acting) who was born into the most respected families in the Indian Film Industry. He spoke his mind off. He didn’t hesitate to speak the truth. He always stood to share ideas and opinions that he thought was right – even when they mired him into controversies.


His personal, raw, and filter-free attitude is what makes Rishi Kapoor the best among the lot. He was a great actor – but so are few other stars. What he had was a powerful, chill, and outspoken presence that those “few other stars” will never match.

Paying tribute to someone who has left an unparalleled legacy and gave so much to the film industry – it’s difficult.
It’s equally uncalled to just call him “great” – because he was much more than that, and then some more.

Sure, he started as a chocolate boy. But the diversity in his filmography speaks something completely different. He was a complete package – versatile and intelligent. You can put him in any role and he would own it like a pro. And perhaps this is the difference between ‘great actors’ and ‘people who are born for acting’.

Bobby, Karz, Agneepath, Kapoor & Sons, Saagar, Chandni, Prem Rog, Mulk, Yeh Waada Raha, Damini, Sargam, Aap Ke Deewane, Prem Granth…

There are just too many incredible movies that Rishi Kapoor has left the world with that will keep his legacy alive and thriving.

Long before there was Shahid and Ranbir Kapoor, there was a Chocolate Boy… Long before there was Akshay Kumar, there was a hit-maker… Long before there was Shahrukh Khan, there was a true king in the industry.
While it’s awfully sad that Rishi Kapoor passed away, he’s at least in a much better place now after fighting a long against Cancer.

He is gone – his contribution to the Indian film industry won’t!