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Abdul Malik

News reporter (CEN News ) | Updated 28 Jul, 2018 |

How would you plan if you want to sell multiple things on e-commerce website?

Prasid Chakraborty

Owner at CGS Themes | Posted 19 Feb, 2019

By multiple things, I assume that you mean multiple categories of products. If that is the case then I must say that the e-commerce website must be really user-friendly. Visitors must be able to easily look for the products of the category they want. Checking out must be smooth & a lot of other things. That's why most of the e-commerce players selling multiple types of products are the big players. 

As you would have to compete with them, you must have a really SEO-friendly, user-friendly, responsive website with a strategic marketing plan. For that kind of e-commerce website, I would recommend CGS Themes.

James D

Blogger | Posted 23 Oct, 2018

Are you planning to sell items through your own website or looking to associate with eBay and other alternatives similar to eBay?

I would suggest join alternatives to eBay such as TrueGether which is the cheapest marketplace adhering the best ecommerce features required for all kind of sellers to sell their items online.

As far as the fee is concerned, don't worry! TrueGether has no listing fee. You can list any number of products at free of cost. Besides that you can also move your products across eBay, Amazon and Google shopping as well by opting for its multi channel inventory management feature which can also be availed at free of cost.

There are 10K sellers already associated with TrueGether and they love to be a part of such marketplace that offers great features like eBay in a very low cost.

Debmita Mitra

@letsuser | |Updated 10 Jan, 2018

· I would keep making improvements in shipping, marketing and website performance.

· I would promote my products a lot specially on Facebook, investing big on advertisements. My goal would be to reach as many people as possible in quick time. My early goal won’t necessarily be to sell big. I would want to build my brand recognition in the early days first.

· Official launch of my online store. In the initial days, I would offer exclusive discounts to the buyers.

· Create some hype on social media platforms before the official launch. Do influencer marketing.

· Now I would focus on the SEO end. I would optimize my website for selected keywords to rank high on search engines.

· Spend some time in the backend. Creating good design, producing good contents, and updating all the products.

· I would make my own website. (I am a DIY kind of a guy!) But you can hire developers.

· Decide whether to sell on Wordpress (WooCommerce) or Shopify. These two are the best to make a powerful e-commerce.

Anyway, here’s the basic stuff I would do:

Wish you would have been more specific in your question. What do you mean by ‘plan’? Planning in what—selling or marketing?

· Most importantly, analytics would be the biggest part of my strategy.