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Satindra Chauhan

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How you can retain yourself happy after a short relationships ends?


We've all experienced those horrible days after the end of the relationship when all you need to do is climb into bed and pull the covers over your head. After all, bad relationships are never easy, whether you're the one who was dumped or the one who dumped.

And, if you're like the majority of people, you probably don't handle breakups in the healthiest way possible. Perhaps you turn to food or drink to drown your sorrows. Or perhaps you can't seem to stop criticizing yourself for anything that has gone wrong. You're probably thinking if there's a better method to get through this pain than your present survival strategies.


Recognize and Accept Your Emotion

While it's understandable to desire to feel better, you don't want to stuff or deny your sentiments. Recognizing how you feel and permitting yourself to grieve is an important talk therapy.

Get Rid of Any Remembrances of Your Ex

One of the first steps in getting over a breakup is to clear your homes of all evidence of your partner. After all, it's hard to move on and heal from a separation when you still have your ex's photo on your bedside or sleeps in their old sweater. As a result, take the effort to clear your household of all memories of them

Find a solution

Breaking off all communication isn't always enough to make you navigate forward. The important thing is that you come to a healthy conclusion to the relationship. To put it another way, having coffee with pals to discuss or getting together as friends for the sole purpose of finding closure is unhealthy. In fact, it only serves to keep you linked to your ex in an unhealthy manner.


It's critical to leave the issue behind you and moving on, whether you instigated the split or were absolutely caught off guard. It's absolutely up to you how you go about doing so. The important thing is that you make a conscious attempt to move forward.

This doesn't mean you'll be flawless every day, but as long as you make conscious choices should choose healthier alternatives in your life, you'll start to feel much lighter and your heartbreak will rebuild.

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