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Rakesh Singh

Delhi Press | Posted on | Share-Market-Finance

I am preparing for a job interview What kind of Finance Group Discussion topics can I expect?


Entrepreneur | Posted on


These days, there aren’t any fit-all topic templates. Different companies ask unique questions and give unique topics – specially the top ones – to find candidates that best suit their profiles.

So it depends on what type of company you’re applying to and what position you’re going for.

The easiest way to prepare for GD on finance topic is to look at the latest trends in this industry, the breaking news on the domestic and international scene, and the biggest challenges the companies like where you’re applying face.

Understand they won’t give you technical topics. They would simply want to know your opinions and interpersonal skills so that they can judge you better in the crowd of other candidates.

However, just for the sake of preparation, here are few broad topics that will get you going and make you moderately prepared.

· Tech (or AI, in particular) and finance

· Cryptocurrencies (BITCOIN) and the challenges they will present in the financial sector

· Financial plans to meet marketing challenges

· Privatization—is it a good idea?

· Things that can transform India’s economic condition or that company’s course

· Brexit and global economy

· Capitalism and socialism

· Subsidies—are they good or bad from non-political stand-view?

Remember, GD is not just about how knowledgeable you are. It’s just as much about your personality—how you represent yourself, how you talk (both verbally and non-verbally), your personality, how confidently you voice your distinct opinion, how comfortable you are when talking in a group.