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I want to visit Thailand How To Book Thailand vacation Trip from India


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Thailand is one of the most sought after vacation destination. To book tickets from India to Thailand first you have to decide by which mode of transportation you want to travel. There are two: Airways and Waterways.

No matter which mode you choose since you are travelling to a foreign country get your passport and visa ready because without it you cannot leave the country.

Second step would be to decide the places you want to visit while you are in Thailand.if you have particular places in mind then you can start booking your flights and hotels but if you don't know any of the places then you can take help of the touring agencies. They offer different packages that are very convenient and will help you make the most of your vacation.

This brings me to the third step. If you are travelling by airways then you can either opt for complete tourism packages or self planned tour. Choose an airline and go to its website to book your flight. You can also take help of travel planners like make my trip, trivago etc.

Next step would be to plan your stay and book hotels accordingly. You can book them online beforehand or you can book them as and when you arrive. Though its preferable to book them beforehand yet if you want a flexible vacation then pre-booking is not required.

If you are planning for a cruise then you have to take the different packages offered by different travelling agencies. It generally includes a trip to two or more countries.

Well you are mostly done here. The last step would be to pack your suitcase and catch your flight.

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