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Dharm Dass

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If Australia loses ODI series to India, how will it affect its bid to win World Cup 2019?


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The ongoing three-match ODI series between India vs Australia is surely the clash between two of the best sides in the world.

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However, I believe the result will virtually have NO impact on how things will pan out for either team in the World Cup 2019.

Both the teams have world-class support staff and management. Whatever psychological impact the losing team suffers will easily be cushioned. Besides, again, these two teams home the finest cricketers in the world who know how to bounce back.

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In addition, following this ODI series against India, Australia will play two test matches against Sri Lanka. Following that, the Aussies will tour India to play five ODIs and two T20s, starting from February 24.

Irrespective of the results in these matches, it would have very least implication on World Cup 2019. And this is just as true for the Indian sides, who will play five ODIs and three T20s against New Zealand following the ongoing one-day series against Australia.

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World Cup 2019 is Starting from 30th May. The tournament will be hosted by England and Wales. Playing in English pitches is a whole different thing. And it was evident with how things panned out for India the last time they toured England; the team was handed one of the most disappointing loses.

So, no matter in what “psychological” state the teams enter the World Cup 2019 with – whether they are on a winning or losing streak – it’s going to be a whole different game in England.

Per your question, coming back to Australia, one must also note that the one-year ban on David Warner and Steve Smith for ball-tampering will be lifted in March. If they are fit to play, Australia Cricket Board might decide to bring them back in the team for World Cup 2019. And this could possibly be the game-changer for Aussies, and perhaps every team in the team.

In short, Australia’s bid to win World Cup this year will remain unaffected irrespective of whether they have won or lost the previous series and matches.


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