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Rakesh Singh

Delhi Press | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

If you were a Dalit, what would you think of hinduism ?


Physical Education Trainer | Posted on

I would think of it exactly what it is – A religion, just like any other. The idea of calling it a lifestyle is a

complete bogey. Go back in history, and even till this day, almost every other religion is often accredited

as a lifestyle by some of the leaders and self-suited safeguards.

So I would have hated the idea of pushing this religious identity onto everyone, just because they live in


With that being said, I would have respected (and still do) this religion – and the impact it had/has on

the world’s culture. Even with all the contradictions between different castes and religions, I would

accept its perspective and belief – as any sane-minded person would.

Troubles always exist in every religion. And it always comes not from its founding beliefs but out of the

miscreants who claims to be the self-styled leader of the community. They mix their own propaganda

and interest in religious belief to exploit the followers emotionally and spiritually.

So if I was a Dalit (who to say I am not ;)) I would love Hinduism and everything about it. I would just

hate its self-claimed leaders.Letsdiskuss