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Impact of Covid-19 on the steel industry in UAE



The onset of the pandemic has impacted various sectors’ production, deliveries, demand, and supply is given the scenario and restriction on manpower. One such industry is steel, where these looming factors have impacted the UAE Steel industry.

Many construction steel producers in UAE have had to bear the brunt and take a hit due to the global lockdown and border closures, impacting steel import and export. Among other logistical issues that prevent the smooth functioning of trade, one main issue is the artificial demand for steel in certain regions and the oversupply in others.


One of the main challenges faced by steel industries in the UAE is supply and manpower. The closure of boundaries and movement restrictions has led to delayed payments and movement of goods. With the no movement and operations restriction on UAE’s construction market, apparently, stockpiling and surplus inventory are the by-products of COVID-19, as seen from the output eye.



Although with relaxed movement in the New Year, industry experts predict a positive future and a good recovery down the line in the coming months. This is believed to streamline the supply chain and continue running projects in full swing.



On the contrary, the fear of supply chain delays due to Covid-19 has led to a boost in the region’s steel sector. Local and regional sourcing of materials has also helped mitigate the risk and meet project timelines and timely project delivery.



The post-Covid-19 trend sees localization in the steel industry similar to other industries.



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