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sabares waran

@letsuser | Posted on | Science-Technology

In 2019 what will be the growth of digital marketing?


IT Assistant | Posted on

1. Video Marketing Would Be Supreme Method:-

2. Mobile Accessibility Would Be Priority:-

3. App Marketing Making Impressions:-

4. Digital Marketing Automation Process Is Becoming Need:-

5. Voice search:-

6. Storytelling:-



Software engineer at HCL technologies | Posted on

As per experts and analysts, the development of Technology will reach new heights and this will lead to the unprecedented progress of digital marketing in 2019.

Here are some expectations that we have from Technology in the coming year: 

1. Artificial Intelligence



2019 will see AI powered solutions, which include Predictive Analysis, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, being used in consumer markets, government, and enterprises. The use of AI in Business Implementation was already 38% and counting in 2016. 

2. Internet vs Television


With the revolution of online videography, internet is speculated to be used more than or equal to television in 2019. So companies, naturally, will be spending more on  web video, social media, and web ads than on television advertisements. 

3.  Video Ads


According to Social Report, "Studies expect video to account for a whopping 85% of total internet traffic by 2019. Further, 54% of internet users already watch video on a social media platform monthly, and that number will only grow over the coming years."

This has given a new push to video ads and on major social media platforms like Instagram, video ads have a dominating presence. 

4. Chatbots 


They will keep growing and developing. And with this, their usage will be highly increased in the New Year. So you may consider building up a chatbot for your business. 

5. Content before advertisements. 


For all the hype about video ads and all, original, reputable, and high-quality content will continue to retain its place in 2019 as it is doing in 2018. Reports tell that content will not cease to be the heart and soul of digital marketing. According to BeMedia

"This denotes that more engaging and informative your content is, the better your chances are to be noticed online. In addition, Business Insider predicted 30% of internet users will utilize ad blockers by the end of 2018."


Trainer, Writer, Artist | Posted on

What is coming for business marketing in 2019?


The answer to that question does not take the skill of Nostradamus.


Instead, it takes some observation of what is happening now and an over of business trends. Let's take a look at the top 5 trends coming this year, that will also continue into 2020.


  1. Video Content - Video Content is leading the way. More video was made and uploaded last year than in all of previous human history. The same is true for pictures.
  2. Online Courses - The online training NICHE will continue to explode and more tools will come online each month to help others do that.
  3. SEO Content - SEO content including video, and graphics will still dominate the online landscape. Since backlinks are required for websites to be found online. Nothing will work as well for business owners to get the word out as SEO Content.
  4. Social Media Ads - Social Media Advertising is growing at a compelling rate. It is up over 300% in the last 18 months alone.
  5. Direct Sales Online - More sales are occurring through major online marketplaces every day. It will not take a cyber Monday to double the sales numbers of websites like Amazon just a few short months ago.


I own a social media marketing company. So I work with businesses from all over the World to help them grow their online presence and engage with their ideal customers. At 360 Mobile Video, I create websites, Social Media Sites, Videos, all to help business owners benefit from marketing online. Stay ahead of the marketing curve in 2019 and beyond, follow these trends and use video and engaging content to capture your customer's attention in 2019.



@letsuser | Posted on

One critical factor for the increased scope of digital marketing in future, in India is the success of online buying. The online platform has experienced a total change in the past few years with the e-commerce business still in its sprouting stage in India. It has been accounted for through legitimate research that the thirst most pursued category on the web is shopping.


As far as job and work scenario of the digital marketing is concerned, by 2020 it is expected that all the business and service lines are going to turn completely digital. Also demand of not only digital marketers but well versed and certified people in the same field is rising.
Must Read: How good is a career in digital marketing?
At present, it is seen that the web has totally changed the way in which individuals used to buy required things and even the way various organizations offer their products and services. Right from PCs to cell phones, shoes to garments, gadgets to books, an expansive number of people are switching to using the web for buying of various services and products.
The increased use of web has brought about the development of online businesses which have resulted into a career growth in digital marketing for the job seekers. The reduced internet prices with everybody able to afford a smart phone has resulted into wider Internet usage. This has brought about a growth in the number of web users in the past decade.
However the list of scope in upcoming days is a bit large to be considered. With the help of digital marketing can easily reach their deserved sales and revenue with a small budget. The best part of digital marketing is you can start it with zero or small investment. No waste of money, high return on investment.
More than 40% business depend on digital marketing. And almost 90% business will depend on Digital Marketing in India. After UK and USA, India deals with the largest online shopping deals in eCommerce Businesses. The demand for digital marketing professionals will increase by 38% in this year. The Indian Express says that by the year of 2020, there will be tremendous demand for digital marketers in India. It’s the right time to start learning digital marketing if you desire to get career opportunities in digital marketing.
Here’s the list of different careers in digital marketing. These positions are available for who seeking career opportunities in digital marketing :
Digital Marketing Manager
Content Marketing Manager
Content Writers
Inbound Marketing Manager
Social Media Marketing Expert
Search Engine Marketer
SEO Executive
Conversion Rate Optimizer
Web analytics Executive
Email Marketer


owner | Posted on

 Optimizing your website to generate free traffic from search engine like google. The engineering that makes it easier for search engine to find out content. so we can change the content that make them more relevant for users and search engine. For a better result you need to write a blog for focus keywords in your website and then build internal link with in body of your page that will promote the visitors to your page. One more thing is your page speed should be fast! what we can do for that? your image should be compressed. On page is the most important factor in ranking , so put your site in https mode and then pay attention in google analytics .Finally your site must be User Friendly website.


Off page seo is a key factor for listing your website top page in google. The most important are


   Do keywords research to track a wide selection of keyword ranking.

  Check your competitors website and own back links.

  Active your social sites daily.



Student | Posted on

The extension of digital technologies in the past decades has been amazing. The number of people around the world with some form of access to the Internet is growing quickly and, in the developed world in particular, consumers have high-speed access through multiple devices. The amount of time spent 'online' is also growing exponentially. The digital environment allows many options for communications between a business and its customers. It can accommodate B2C, B2B, and C2C communications. This shift from one-way communication between organizations and customers was a major trigger for the evolution of digital marketing as we know it now. Day by day digital marketing scop is increasing.


student | Posted on

Digital Marketing is at a boom in 2019. Over some past years, it is rapidly growing and will continue to grow forever I guess. No company/service provider can grow without Digital Marketing. This is a digital era, and to be online present and active is really important for any business.

Every year new methods and techniques are introduced. Some Digital Marketing trends in 2019 are:

1. Chatbots

2. Voice Optimization

3. Long Phrase Keywords

4. Video Marketing 

5. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

6. Algorithms are becoming more complex

Google do introduce new rules and updates to keep up digital marketing and excitement.
Digital Marketing will continue to grow forever. 


Student | Posted on

There are many advancements in digital marketing like:

1. Artificial Intelligence

2.Programmatic advertising

3. Personalization

4. Video Marketing

5. Influencer Marketing


blogger | Posted on

Top 5 Best digital marketing tools – hello, friends today I will teach you about top 5 best digital marketing tools, if you are a blogger, or have a website then we should know about the best tool to analysis your blog or website. Because you can’t analysis website or blog without tools, so I will give you a top 5 best digital marketing tools to easy to analysis to any blog/website


Digital Marketing | Posted on

Hey Guys , 

Its Realy a Good one that Discussing about Growth of digital marketing 

First and For most thing is Voice Search Optimization, 

Second its Sure Podcast ,

Third obvisiously its an Infographics (1 image is better than 1000 Words)

In Future Digital marketing  companies will Play a Major Role. So get ready now by 


@letsuser | Posted on

Digital Marketing Topics:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
App Store Optimization (ASO)
Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)
Content Marketing.
Social Media Marketing.
Conversion Rate Optimization.


| Posted on

These are the 18 Reasons Why YOU need to learn digital marketing in 2018

2,00,000+ Jobs are awaiting for YOU in 2018

You can work from home as a freelancer.

You can promote your own business with Minimum Budget to Earn Maximum returns.

You can earn from Amazon, Flipkart, and Facebook without investing a single penny.

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You can earn from YouTube as a Vlogger to Promote Your own Video content to earn Millions of Dollars without Hussels.

You can create your own online e-store for selling your products online.

Your website will be your own 24/7 showroom to showcase your business products/services to get more sales.

You can generate Leads and sell to different companies from home as a Affiliated to earn commissions .

You Can be Your Own Boss by running a successful startup in digital industry.

You can earn from affiliate marketing by promoting other website and product on your Website/Blog.

You can show your business to a whole world in a very small amount and less time.

You can search your relevant customer to increase your sell without too many efforts.

Digital Marketing is one of the great skills to learn in 2018.

Digital Marketing as a career option is growing at an exponential rate and this is the pay package for Digital Marketers in India.

Digital Marketing Associate/Executive (0-1 year of experience) 1.5 to 3 Lakhs per annum.

Digital Marketing Specialist (1-3 years of experience) 2. to 4 Lakhs per annum.

Digital Marketing Team Leader (2-5 years of experience) 2.5 to 5 Lakhs per annum.

Digital Marketing Strategist (3-5 years of experience) 4 to 8 Lakhs per annum.

Digital Marketing Manager/Head (5 to 10 years of experience) 8 to 25 Lakhs per annum.

Digital Marketing Ranked 8th Position in Top 25 Hottest Skills in 2018.

Become an In-Demand Professional.

If You Love Internet,Internet Will Love You,Let’s Fall in Love to be Loved !

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Learn Digital Marketing today – Learn Digital Marketing Classroom and Online with 1-on-1 mentoring. You can 29 Days Job Challenge as well to Get job Placement in just 30 Days with our Advanced Digital Marketing Course which designed for Students and Business owners.


| Posted on

There are many new digital marketing trends and strategies these are evolving in the current high-tech, Internet-connected era and businesses now need to use them to succeed in their efforts because what worked for you in the last year may not work in this year. Here are the eleven key digital marketing trends for 2019.

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| Posted on

Literally, everyone is online today. #digitalmarketing is not all e-commerce applications and websites, but also face book, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter Pinterest and on many other social platforms. The new age of digital marketing allows you to connect to all kinds of audiences around the world. Make your future where there are a lot of career opportunities. #Digitalmarketinginraipur


Digital Marketing Specialist | Posted on

Here are the lists for growth of digital marketing:

1. Artificial Intelligence Will Get a Little Too Good at Profiling Buyers
2. Instagram is a Hit with the Kids
3. Chatbots
4. Video Is a Must
5. Good Content Still Matters
6. Omnichannel Marketing
7. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and PWA
8. Email and Marketing Automation
9. Voice Search
10. Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality


student, blogger | Posted on

Digital marketing is the hottest trend in technology today. With numerous jobs doing the rounds, it is also very important for digital bloggers to grow in order to increase their business and reach new heights. This would be beneficial for their business as it would help them to reach out to their customers at a large scale. One of the important strategies or technologies that need to be taken into account today is email marketing, wherein you can send a large number of customized emails to your customers, all at once. Here check out this:  . One of the best email marketing services providers, induced with a large number of features to make you stand out from the crowd. 


| Posted on

Here's my view on why these tactics form the top five techniques.

#1 Content marketing - this has featured consistently in the top 3 for several years. I think it's number 1 since content marketing can be applied by all types of business regardless of their sector or size and if the right strategy is followed can make an impact that supports communications across all touchpoint of the customer lifecycle. It fuels all digital channels from search, email and social media marketing. This makes having a defined content marketing strategy essential to competing in many sectors.

#2 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - This is an exciting 'new entry' into the top 5 and suggests that marketers now believe they will see a return from deploying the latest AI tools supporting the many marketing applications for AI we review in this infographic. Within AI, I believe the most popular marketing applications will enhance personalization and marketing automation which brings us to...

#3 Marketing automation and email marketing - This is also a perennial feature in our top five and it's no surprise since, like content marketing, it's effective for both B2C and B2B marketing. While some more mature organizations will make improvements through use of AI, other less mature businesses will benefit from improving the relevance and timing of their emails through using rules-based automation and personalisation.

#4 Big Data (including market and customer insight and predictive analytics) - It's good to see big data in the top five since we believe in the power of data-driven marketing. Big data analysis such as predictive analytics typically requires larger budgets, so will be restricted mainly for larger organisations, but the use of market and customer insight using the tools shown in our Martech tools wheel is open to all businesses and I think is why this is a relatively popular choice.

#5 CRO and improving website experiences - This is the first time that CRO has featured in the top 5, which is again a sign of increased adoption of data-driven marketing as processes improve in organizations who can now run 'always-on' improvements using structured AB testing programmes. There is also the option of new lower-cost tools including Google Optimize which is freely available.
I’ll now take a look at the different types of marketing management trends grouped by the main techniques in our multicolour sunflower.


web designer | Posted on

Digital marketing is the trending technology for the present IT world. In olden days, every business approaches their marketing as manual. But nowadays, every business starting from small to large scale doing their marketing through online. Therefore the demand for digital marketing is increasing drastically nowadays. If you finish your digital marketing course in Chennai at our institute, you will get nice job. We provide different and effective approach of teaching for our students compared to other institutes. We provide flexible timings for our students and you may get one-to one class also. Our infrastructure and lab facilities are more which is sufficient for the students. After completion of your course we will arrange and support your placement. For more details about digital marketing training in Chennai visit our nearby branch or contact us at 98404-11333.

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Blogger | Posted on

Every year, new technologies come out, existing technologies get smarter and prospects get savvier and more bombarded with marketing.

Here are some digital marketing trends for 2019

Artificial Intelligence

Everyone talks about artificial intelligence (AI) but few understand it. Think of AI as a bunch of computers that can analyze things rapidly. They are able to better understand behaviors and patterns by going through data.

Smart Speakers And Audio

My kids start every morning with Alexa. We ask the device many questions (things to do, recipes, etc.) and order things in seconds. I believe voice will continue to be the next disruptor.

Local Influencer Marketing

While influencer marketing is not a new topic, the focus on local influencers is. Unless you run a massive global brand or an e-commerce business, chances are your marketing is mostly local.


Chatbots can help with customer service tasks and tie into your various systems to answer repetitive customer questions like: "When will my package be delivered?" "What time is my appointment?" "Where are you located?"

There are many things which will grow in digital marketing. If you want to be updated with the latest digital marketing trends hire Vancouver search engine services (Fernweb). Fernweb provides best search engine optimization in Vancouver


Digital Marketing specialist | Posted on

Digital marketing 2019 :

The trend of digital marketing has increased a lot.

Some new Things need to be in competition :

1) Voice search optimization 

2 ) Podcast 

3) Infographics 

4) Video making

All this will help you to get more leads and engagement at your website and social media.

Also visit:  Digital marketing company 



@artist | Posted on

Very interesting topic. I also suggest digital marketing services for growth your business.


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