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In Mahabharata, Who was Shakuntala? What was her role in this great epic?


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Shakuntala, was the mother of the head Bharata of Hastinapur ,the progenitor of the Pandavas and Kauravas in the Mahabharata.
SHAKUNTALA was naturally the little girl of Brahmarshi vishwamitra and the apsara menaka . when vishwamitra was in weighty compensation to get his status as Brahmarshi ,ruler indra dreaded and sent menaka the apsara practical to bait vishwamitra .thus menaka and vishwamitra had a kid that way and after numerous years he came to think about his mix-up and left menaka.
later menaka excessively left to paradise leaving the infant young lady not too far off close rishi kanva's seclusion .rishi kava found that infant in his withdrawal encompassed by Shakunta feathered creatures and named her shakuntala
When King dushyantha first experienced Shakuntala while going through the backwoods with his military. He was seeking after a male deer injured by his weapon. Shakuntala and Dushyanta became hopelessly enamored with one another and got hitched according to ghandarva marriage framework. Prior to getting back to his realm, Dushyanta gave his own imperial ring to Shakuntala as an image of his guarantee to return and carry her to his castle.
Shakuntala invested a lot of energy longing for her new spouse and was regularly diverted by her fantasies. At some point, an incredible rishi, durvasa, went to the ashrama at the same time, lost in her considerations about Dushyanta, Shakuntala neglected to welcome him appropriately. Exasperated by this slight, the rishi reviled Shakuntala, saying that the individual she was longing for would disregard her out and out. As he left in a wrath, one of Shakuntala's companions immediately disclosed to him the purpose behind her companion's interruption. The rishi, understanding that his outrageous fierceness was not justified, altered his revile saying that the individual who had overlooked Shakuntala would recollect everything again on the off chance that she indicated him an individual symbolic that had been given to her.

Time passed, and Shakuntala, asking why Dushyanta didn't return for her, at last set out for the capital city with her non-permanent dad and a portion of her mates. In transit, they needed to cross a waterway by a kayak ship and, enticed by the dark blue waters of the stream, Shakuntala ran her fingers through the water. Her ring (Dushyanta's ring) sneaked off her finger without her acknowledging it.
Showing up at Dushyanta's court, Shakuntala was harmed and astonished when her significant other didn't perceive her, nor recollected anything about her.
She attempted to advise him that she was his better half yet without the ring, Dushyanta didn't perceive her. Embarrassed, she got back to the woodlands and, gathering her child, gotten comfortable a wild aspect of the timberland without anyone else. Here she went through her days while Bharata, her child, became more seasoned. Encircled uniquely by wild creatures, Bharata developed to be a solid youth and made a game of opening the mouths of tigers and lions and checking their teeth.
In the interim, an angler was shocked to locate an imperial ring in the paunch of a fish he had gotten. Perceiving the illustrious seal, he took the ring to the castle and, after observing his ring, Dushyanta's recollections of his beautiful lady returned hurrying to him. He quickly set out to discover her and, showing up at her dad's ashram, found that she was no longer there. He proceeded with more profound into the woods to discover his better half and happened upon an astounding scene in the woodland: a little fellow had gotten into the mouth of a lion and was caught up with tallying its teeth. The lord welcomed the kid, stunned by his intensity and quality, and asked his name. He was astonished when the kid addressed that he was Bharata, the child of King Dushyanta. The kid took him to Shakuntala, and accordingly the family was brought together.
Furthermore, bharata turned into an exceptionally amazing and kind head of hastinapur and from his ancestry were the pandavas and kauravas.


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Shakuntala appears in the Mahabharata as the mother of Bharata


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