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Ajay Paswan

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In the coming future, who will be the number 2 position country in terms of Economy?


News reporter (CEN News ) | Posted on

Before we discuss the reports and rankings, it must be made clear that a country’s economic size and growth depends on a host of factors. To that, different organizations take different parameters to conclude which country will be bigger economically in the coming days.

Like, for example, in the course of next few decades, what if a war breaks out between USA and North Korea? What if Germany separates from Europe? What if Bitcoin eventually becomes the foremost mode of transaction?

Yes, factors like these can shake up the entire global economy, rewriting all the predictions and rankings.

Currently, USA is the largest economy in the world with $18 trillion. China is at the second spot with $11 trillion economy. Japan, Germany, UK, France, India, Italy and Brazil take the following spots.

In 2020, China will take over USA as the largest economy in the world. USA will be second, followed by India, Japan, Russia, Germany, Brazil, UK, France and Mexico.

In 2030, China will be #1. USA will be #2. India will be at #3, followed by Japan, Indonesia, Russia, Germany, Brazil, Mexico and UK.

In 2050, China will be at the very top. India will rank next, followed by USA, Indonesia, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, Japan, Germany and UK.

Like mentioned already, these rankings are from different organizations. And they can change depending global landscape and major events.

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