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Vansh Chopra

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Infinity War or Justice League: Which of these 2 Superhero Movies Will Be More Successful?


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Few months back, before Wonder Women slayed literally every other superhero, the answer would have been Marvel. But now the vague answer would be—only time would tell.

The war fest between Marvel vs. DC is too old to even remember. After every release, these two universes have taken over each other on every length. And their biggest yet releases, that are Avengers: Infinity War and Justice League (both coming in two parts), vouch big thing for fans across the world. Each has put their best rosters on the frontline—the crowd of superheroes is unfathomable – that can get even the non-fans excited.

Which of these two franchises will come on the top—it’s really very difficult to conclude. The past Avengers movies have been mega success, while Dawn of Justice redefined disappointment. However, the trailer of Justice League has managed to hit all the chords perfectly, matching the hype of upcoming Avenger movie, where we’ll finally see the much awaited entry of Thanos.

Let’s take a look at the numbers how much money Marvel and DC has made from their superhero movies:

#1 The Avengers 1— 1.6 Billion

#2 Avenger: Age of Ultron—$1.4 Billion

#3 Superman (1978)—$1.26 Billion

#4 Iron Man 3—$1.25 Billion

#5 Spider-Man (2002)—$1.19 Billion

#6 The Dark Knight— $1.17 Billion

#7 Captain America: Civil War—$1.15 Billion

#8 The Dark Knight Rises—$1.14 Billion

#9 Spider-Man 3—$1.09 Billion

#10 Spider-Man 2—$1.06 Billion

#11 Superman 2 (1981)—$874 Million

#12 Batman (1989)—$873 Million

#13 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice—$872 Million

#14 Guardians of the Galaxy— $799 Million

#15 The Amazing Spiderman 1—$796 Million

#16 Deadpool—$782 Million

#17 X-Men Days: Days of Future Past—$771 Million

#18 Suicide Squad—$745 Million

#19 Captain America: The Winter Soldier—$737 Million

#20 The Amazing Spiderman 2—$730 Million

#21 Iron Man—$687 Million

#22 Man of Steel—$671 Million

#23 Thor: The Dark World—$668 Million

#24 Iron Man 2—$666

#25 Batman Forever (1995)—$652 Million

#26 Doctor Strange—#648 Million

#27 X-Men: The Last Stand— $588 Million

#28 X-Men United—$569 Million

#29 Batman Returns (1992)—$542 Million

#30 X-Men Apocalypse—$534 Million

Yes, Marvel got the first spot. However, kept that aside, both the universes look quite balanced when it comes to box-office success.

Of course, these numbers mean nothing for the upcoming releases of Infinity War and Justice League. All they say is that the amazing battle ahead has 50 percent chances for each franchise.

Admittedly, one will make more money and praises than the other one. But one thing is sure that these movies will break all the past records. Period.