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Inshorts Vs Way2News: Who is winning?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

(As of 25th June, 2019)

InShorts has 5+ million downloads. It is rated 4.5/5.0 by 370,585 users.

Way2News has 10+ million downloads. It is rated 4.1/5.0 by 304,013 users.

So, in downloads, Way2News is clearly winning.

Letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Startup Hyderabad)

However, in ratings, not only Inshorts has got more votes, butit has also been rated higher. So, Inshorts is a clear winner here.

But before you conclude anything, should you know, Way2News is a subsidiary of Way2Online, which was formerly Way2SMS. Way2SMS was a free SMS service, which was a bit hit during the days of Orkut a decade back. So, a lot of these downloads of Way2News are likely of existing Way2SMS users.

Talking from personal experience, Inshorts seem to be a much better news platform. It started as a news app and still remains one. The app is quite interactive and appealing. The company seems to home a great team who are always at the top of their game.

On the contrary, Way2News has a decent app, but it lacks the "x-factor". It's always up to date. But for whatever reason, given its past record and brand image, it lacks that serious feel.

For example, if you really want news, where would you rather go: Jio News or NDTV?

inshorts-vs-way2news-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Indianweb2)

Jio is a brand that saw an opportunity in news and media, so it expanded its wings with Jio News to likely make money. On the contrary, NDTV started as a news platform. It's much more specialized in "giving" news vs. Jio News or any other app.

Similarly, Inshorts is a more specialized platform that was primarily started to give news in bite-size form. ButWay2online, on the other hand, is more of an opportunist who saw opportunities in news and media, so it jumped the ship to make more money.

BOTH Inshorts and Wat2News are aggregators. But on many fronts, Inshorts bring a lot exclusive, including its surveys.

inshorts-vs-way2news-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: YouTube)

So, if you're really looking to read "news", Inshorts looks to be a better choice. Because the brand is entirely news centric.

But between Inshorts and Way2News, if you're trying to pick a winner out of numbers, Way2News emerges on the top.

Hope this answers your question. 


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