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Is 1 GB equal to 1024 MB or 1000 MB?


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Currently the usual is 1 Gigabyte (GB) = 1000 Megabytes (MB). But it wasn't always like that.

For a long term, 1 Kilobyte=1024 bytes, 1 Megabyte = 1024 kilobytes, 1 Gigabyte = 1024 megabytes, and so on. The motive being the reality that it less complicated to do binary math whilst running with powers of . 

However, the prefix "kilo" way a thousand, and now not 1024, and the same reasoning applies for "mega", "giga", and many others. So some human beings used 1 Kilobyte as being a thousand bytes. It all have become very puzzling. 

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The International Electrotechnical Commission proposed in 1998 the nomenclature of 1 Kibibyte (KiB) = 1024 bytes, 1 Mebibyte (MiB) = 1024 KiB, 1 Gibibyte = 1024 MiB, ... You get the concept. 

So, nowadays all primary standards take into account that 1 Kibibyte (KiB) = 1024 bytes, and 1 Kilobyte (KB) = a thousand bytes. This is what garage producers currently use. 

However, a variety of antique software nonetheless makes use of the old nomenclature. And a few new software program written by means of folks that do not know or don't care approximately this distinction.


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Of course, 1GB equals to 1024 MB.

For the whole number, we count it 1000, like in 1 liter we get 910 ml, but we count it 1000ml 


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