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Rishi Roy

Cricketer , Dronacharya Cricket Academy | Posted on | Science-Technology

Is 3D printing really useful to us ?


Academic Writer | Posted on

Hello everyone,

As we all know that this is the latest technology in the field of printing so these days everyone is attracted to it and wants to understand how it works and many more. I think it's a great invention by our scientists and I feel amazing to watch the 3D printing process.

As you have asked in the question that it's useful or not? so I want to share my opinion regarding your question. I think it's to use because it helps us to save our time mainly. Till now we need to make the statue by hand by carving but now we can just print it so it's too time-saving technology for our future generation. Even we can print our basic household things such as pen holder, photo frame, vase, etc. I believe that it's a useful invention


Educator/ Work from home Search Engine Evaluator. | Posted on

3D printing is the latest technology in the printing industry. Till now printing of images or any object in any shape was printed in 2 Dimensional images only. But now in 3D printing, not only we can see the image but we can also feel the image with our hands. Amazing! isn't it ?

3D printing is a technique in which substance is combined or solidified with the help and control of computer to create three dimensional objects. In this process liquid molecule are added together or powder grains are fused together to combine. 3D printing is used in both rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing.

3D printable models can be printed with the help of CAD (computer aided design) technology through a 3D scanner or even via digital camera.

With the help of 3D printers you can make any house hold items such as fridge handle, Bike magnet, pen holder, flower vase, soap case, lamp holder with your imagination.

You can 3D print the broken pieces of any valuable things which is hard to find in a market. For example if an expensive sculpture or idol is broken you can make the broken part with the help of 3D printing, if you have proper dimensions and same material.

If some vital parts of your car or bike is not available in your country you can 3D print it.

If you have the perfect dimensions you can make anything at home with 3D printer.