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Kaushal Garg

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Is Argentina out from FIFA 2018 ?


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Well, after their 0-3 loss against Croatia, Argentina did look to be out of FIFA World Cup 2018. However, the group match between Nigeria and Iceland – which Nigeria won by 2-0 – has revived their hopes. Of course, qualifying for the knockouts still seems like a farfetched idea with a lot depending on permutation-combination and how the other team plays. But technically, Argentina isn’t yet completely out of FIFA World Cup 2018. There’s some hope left.

After playing two matches with one draw and one loss, Argentina has 1 points with -3 goal difference. Iceland has the same points but their goal difference is -2. Top of the Group D points table is Croatia with 6 points and +5 goal difference. At second spot is Nigeria with 6 points and 0 goal difference. Each of these team has played 2 matches, with one remaining.

Now, if Argentina has to qualify, they not only have to defeat Nigeria in the next match—they must win the game with a good margin. At the same time, Iceland, in their match against Croatia, must either lose or tie. This will qualify Argentina – and Croatia from Group D – to the knockouts. However, if Iceland wins in its last match and Argentina has defeated Nigeria with a very big margin, now equal in points and goal difference, both of these teams with go for the tiebreakers.

There are many levels of FIFA tiebreakers. But at the moment, Argentina seems to have an upper hand there.
This is how Messi’s Argentina can qualify to the Knockouts and still hold on to their dreams of winning FIFA World Cup 2018. I am a Germany supporter. But I really want Messi to perform well and achieve big in this tournament.


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Kerala is so obsessed with Argentina football team that one teenager from Kerala left the house to commit suicide due to the Argentina’s loss to Croatia on Thursday. If Indian fan's condition is this much, imagine the state of European and South American fans. That match of Argentina versus Croatia was really the toughest one for Argentina's fans and the biggest loss to Argentina after 1958.

After 2 games Argentina stands with 1 point and the point leader in their group is Croatia with 6 points. But the 2014 runners-up's chance of entering into knockout round is still alive. Big draw back on Argentina's side is, it is a one man army. It depends on Lionel Messi alone.
Following are the ifs and buts for Argentina's entry into knockout round.

: - Argentina has to register a big win against Nigeria. But after yesterday's match with Iceland, Nigeria looks stronger than Argentina.

: - If Argentina record a win against Nigeria, then Iceland either win or draw the match with Croatia in their game.

: - Unfortunately if Iceland win their match against Croatia, the selection will be based on the goals.

: - If goals are same than FIFA decides on goals differentials. That is, goal scored and goal given when they are playing with other teams.

: - Even after the goal scored and goal differential method, if still there is a tie between Croatia and Argentina than the winner will be selected according to fair play. The last method of tie breaker is random draw.

The foot ball world is waiting to see Lionel Messi's wonderful goals and Argentina's magnificent win. Argentina is not dead yet. Let us wait for their next match against the mighty Nigeria.