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Is becoming a male escort a good choice in India?


Financial analyst (Mudra finance company) | Posted on


No, becoming a male escort in India – or anywhere in the world for that matter – isn’t a good choice. Here’s a thing, in recent times, the media, movies and the agencies have somewhat glamorized being a male escort, completely overshadowing the dirty side of this scene.

It’s not about having *****—it’s about having ***** with anyone (including male and transgender), submitting to their fetishes and, at times, opening yourself to violence. It all could end up completely wrecking you and even driving you feel depressed and suicidal.

Remember, the demand for male escorts usually come from mid-age, old women, as well as male. So your idea of having “a lot of *****” as an escort isn’t really same as having ***** with decent individuals of opposite ***** (or male, if you prefer that). It’s all extremely ***** up! In fact, unless you have fetishes yourself for old, unknown women and men, it would be no less than ***** for you.

All being said, it’s your personal decision! If you’re really looking forward to becoming a male escort in India, it’s fairly easy! These days you will find many such agencies who recruit escorts. You will usually find their ads on newspapers. You can also find them on internet and on different online forums. Almost all of them make employ people on a contract basis. Plus, the top ones will provide you some choices, like the people who you want to have ***** with.

The more unique and flexible your offerings are, the more money you can make. Say, if you’re a 25 years old lad with a preference of having ***** with women in 30s, you would make much less money, with fewer clients, than if you’re offering your service to old women or male clients. In the latter case, you would make much more money. Be cautious of the terms of your contract and what kind of agency you’re working for.

Again, rethink over your decision. Unless you’re desperately looking for quick money, you’re better off finding a decent job. Good luck!