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Jessy Chandra

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Is Captain Marvel’s trailer up to everyone’s expectations?


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Let me first of all tell you the statistics. Captain Marvel's official trailer got 109 million views in just 24 hours! Now just watch it:

Don't the number and the trailer contradict themselves? You'd understand what I'm trying to say if you are a true Marvel fan.
This Captain Marvel trailer is nowhere standing among the trailers of other Marvel movies! I seriously miss the excitement I had when the trailer of Infinity War was out, while watching the trailer of Captain Marvel. There's no comparison of the two:

And yes, don’t mistake me for a DC fan who watches Marvel movies in passing. Despite being a religious follower of Marvel, I just cannot accept such a weak adaptation of Captain Marvel. Poster did raise a lot of expectations in fans but unfortunately, trailer is not that good. The trailer lacks both in action and in thrill, and has correctly got the tag of "average" by the viewers. No wonder it is getting trolled on social media.
Brie Larson seems great and is in her best. The costume is magnanimous and worth having our attention. But the overall representation just does not have that Marvelesque element.
Now I’m skeptical about the movie. I’m wondering should I rather not save my energy and excitement for Avengers 4 instead.
But there's one more thing to consider. After all, we should not judge a book by its cover, and the same should go for movies (especially Marvel Studios movies). So it's unlikely that a weak trailer would stop Marvel fans from going and watching the movie. Just the name or the glimpse of a Marvel heroes is enough to put the fans in frenzy, and it's impossible to change this scenario.
The number of views on the trailer explains and justifies this quite well.