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Vikas joshi

Sales Executive in ICICI Bank | Posted 17 Sep, 2018 |

Is Cristiano Ronaldo Juventus’ lucky charm?

Ajay Paswan

Physical Education Trainer | |Updated 17 Sep, 2018

Well, we can very safely say that. Juventus is Italy’s most successful football team and with Ronaldo by their side, they are dreaming of being much more than that –the first step being winning the Champions League.


The first advantage is that the biggest resistance, Ronaldo himself, is on their side this year. Real Madrid (Ronaldo’s former club) have won four of the last five available Champions League titles, and every time Cristiano Ronaldo was the top-scorer.

70, of his 121 goals in the Champions League have come in the past five years. “...….when the big moment comes, you can bet your bottom dollar on Ronaldo making the difference…. no Real Madrid title-winning season has passed without Ronaldo having a significant say”, remarks Goal.


So, Ronaldo, if not the guarantee of winning, is the closest Juventus currently can have.


This has filled Juventus with a lots of confidence, not only for the European Champions League, but for the World Championship as well. Juventus right now, is the number 1 team in Italy, but that’s clearly not enough for anyone.

After the entry of Ronaldo in Juventus, the popularity of the club has increased exponentially, as is evident from the increasing number of followers on Instagram and Twitter even.