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Pratap Pratap

Blogger | Posted on | Health-beauty

Is Criticle illness is curable with ayurveda?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

For the proponents, Ayurveda is possibly the biggest blessing to humans. a bit sarcasm here

This branch of medicine can treat just about anything and everything, right from cardiac diseases to psychological disorders. Although, in the absence of objective and sufficient studies and empirical data, no one knows "how" and "really?".
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So, the punch line in this answer to your question is fairly simple… We don’t know!
On this topic, whether the critical illness is curable with Ayurveda or not, you will find tens and hundreds of articles online supporting this thesis. Many of these articles, mostly from Indian writers and researchers, give a fair argument for Ayurveda and its effectiveness as a critical care intervention.
But then even on the other side, there are tons of skeptical arguments against this branch of medicine.
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It’s like a debate that isn’t likely to settle anytime soon. Everyone have their own opinions and theories -- albeit opinions and theories based on selective information that better suit their cases.
There are many research papers that credit Ayurveda as a fine intervention in critical illness, with authors requesting more studies in this disciple.
I highly recommend you read this paper and this one.
curable with Ayurveda (Courtesy: Ayur Central)
Indeed, the examples that showcase Ayurveda's effectiveness in treating critical illness are very limited in number. So, such papers, even though credible, is hard to look at without skepticism.
We need more studies and research work in Ayurveda. Sadly, with western medicines and treatments resulting in more efficient outcomes, there seems to be a reluctance among the majority to explore more of Ayurveda and its effectiveness in primary and critical care.
Besides, when so many experts resist and shun this branch of medicine, trying to bring it into the mainstream talk is easier said than done.
BUT hopefully, just as Yoga is today in the western countries, Ayurveda will one day become equally sexy!
For now, the answer to your question, as mentioned, is simple… we don't know.
We don’t know if Ayurveda can cure critical illness.
Arguments exist on both sides.


Blogger | Posted on

There are numerous other medical issues and scatters, which we have not referenced, that can be dealt with and recuperated because of the tremendous scope of Ayurvedic meds. Ayurveda recuperates for the most part vitality dysfunctions which for the most part lead to physical issues which are 'analyzed' in the customary western therapeutic framework.