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Ramesh Kumar

Marketing Manager | Posted on | Science-Technology

Is cyber security is really there or are we in danger?


Cyber Security has been raised as a major point of concern in last decade. Everyone wants to know how secure we are in the world where everything we say or do is being stored on various servers. And the icing on the cake is that we ought to hear about these chinks in Armour again and again. The Facebook data leaks, Gmail hack, Indian ATM Virus are few of the many cases that made us ask this question to our government as well as major organizations.

So, coming back to the answer, YES... There is a thing called cyber security. It exists in every organization as well as government norms. Everyone is trying there best to make internet more secure and your personal data more protected.

But YES... We are at the risk too. There are various hackers around the world who are consistently trying to figure out the Achilles heel of these large organizations.

Various laws are being made around the world and various security solutions are being found by companies like google and apple to secure your data. The newest addition to this group being "GDPR".

So, our final answer is Yes to both, there exists some high-level cyber security on the internet but Yes we are in danger too. And as the world is constantly being migrated online, there will be grater risks to follow too.


blogger,digital marketer | Posted on

Yes! Cyber security exists though the threats have rose!

As more and more data is being produced each second and the content is being generated at a very high pace, there are cyber threats or the malware threats to each user of the internet. Misuse and edits of the original content cause a lot of damage to the privacy. It depend upon each self that how one secures his or her data.

For this one should take proper prevention measures such as :

1. Accessing secured WiFi only

2.Installing security software

3. Using firewalls software

4. Ignore unknown links and pop ups while browsing

5. Protective and strong passwords to be used.

6. Take note of suspicious mails.

Yes Off-course! we are in Danger. But we can surely reduce the risks to maintaining and being aware of cyber security.

Big businesses should be more concerned of the threats! They acn approach security providing companies for obvious security reasons. They can log on to securelayer7(dot)net for purchasing security suite and getting their websites tested.