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Rishi Roy

Cricketer , Dronacharya Cricket Academy | Posted on | Entertainment

Is Entertainment considered as a form of mind control?


Cashier ( Kotak Mahindra Bank ) | Posted on

Yes ,Modern entertainment is considered as a form of mind control.

Entertainment is a form of activity that holds attention of an audience whereas, it can be an idea or a task.

As we all know mass media and entertainment go hand in hand, so it is the most powerful tool which is used to rule the mass of people. Advertisements shown are the ultimate source of mind control. People watch ads and get so much influenced by them that they tend to by those products. For instance, guarantee given by fairness creams ads, that by using xyz cream on can get their colour tone lighter. Although Color of the skin can not be changed by using fairness creams. Still, people go and buy them. What is this? Exactly a mind control.

Media and entertainment, leads to influence the in bad or the better way.Like, Television has a strong impression on kids and adults, what they watch they usually want to follow that trend ,either misforming or skewing their perception.

Browsing social media sites may lead to entertainment but they also have their downsides like the fear of missing and lack of individuality.

People go and watch social media, whatever new trends social media shows they tend to follow them whether good or bad for them.

There are many entertainment industries which try to control the public.

Though entertainment is necessary but yes, is used as propaganda to influence people's thinking.



Student | Posted on

These electronic devices like phones,tablets etc have become a lifeline for everybody,like a drug which we cannot get enough of.This is majorly so because it contains all the information,entertainment one would need throughout the day so we stay perpetually glued to it.The content we see on it is bound to leave an impact as it gets etched into our minds.Some examples are of the brands we see around us.They cleverly associate a superstar to the brand which lures us,customers to purchase that product in the faith of that celebrity rather than focusing on the quality.We get swayed by the grandeur of the products by fancy advertising which almost hypnotises us.Like how we see our favourite actress in shiny hair walking as the showstopper of a fashion show after using a particular brand of shampoo and we get so enticed by the whole idea of the glamour involved that we are is if,compelled to buy it .

Also,visual content impacts one a lot so we all get influenced by various trends and like sheeps try to follow it without getting to the depth of it.Another example of how this affects us is how people start talking in lingos of their favourite say,youtuber and start religiously following his/her stake on certain issues.This way we get swayed by entertainment platforms,completely obliterating and overshadowing our own ability to think and form opinions.