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Medha Kapoor

B.A. (Journalism & Mass Communication) | Posted on | Science-Technology

Is flyer or passenger drone is the next advancement in transportation ?


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When the whole world is using drone for secret missions or for delivering things, we Indians are using drone for marriage profile photos.
Most drones are small and mostly carrying cameras or other small objects. In Germany Daimler is experimenting and almost successful in using drones for delivering goods. 

Now the next generation drones are available in the market, which can be used for personal transportation or can be used as a air taxi. But till now even using the small drone is not allowed in many countries let alone the passenger drones or flyer.

And there is lot more in passenger drone than the larger version of usual drone. The most important is size. It will be more than 55 lb, the allowed limit to fly a drone in US. 

But once the drone started to carry passenger and with the increase in size, it requires different level of radios and sensors on-board and a trained pilot at the controls. Because the commercial operation of passenger drone is different from the small drones used for taking photos. Flying the sUAS (small Unmanned Aircraft System) is pretty easy if it follows the 2 conditions. 1. fly below 400 feet and 2. Stay away from airport to avoid collision with airplanes. But as the passenger drone has to fly above 4oo feet, it will need extra radios and sensors and a license to operate from the concerned government.  

According to CNN, Ehang Corporation, the major drone manufacturer in China has been busy in making and testing its passenger drone named Ehang184, a drone designed to transport people. It is now completed more than 1000 trips with or without humans. The flights' test have involved in different situation including extreme weather conditions. And so many other companies are also competing with Ehang Corp in manufacturing of passenger drone. World is ready for the next level of personal transport.