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Kaamya Bajaj

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Is happiness a choice, a blessing or a gift?


Healer, writer | Posted on

In the age of the internet and instant karma, this requires you to delve deep within and ask yourself, what makes you really content and blissful. I say this because most people seem to derive their happiness from earthly material wants and desires. That being the definition of “happiness”, most of these wants and desires arise from ego and greed. Upholding an ego, to meet expectations set upon them by others and the greed to have more “happiness” than everyone else.
Now the ego and greed are both insatiable. Both ego and greed keep you wanting “more” of what you already have. It is no different from a child getting bored with a toy in a little while and wanting another toy and always wants “new, bigger, and better toys”. Likewise, you have one car you want another that's “a newer model, bigger, and better”, and no different with a house, a wife, a husband, and all other acquisitions that your mind can imagine.
So, where are you at in your pursuit of happiness? Well, pretty well satiated. For a little while till the “newness” of the older acquisition has worn off. A nagging longing for lasting happiness is always elusive. What it all boils down to is, the path you choose, to attain happiness. If happiness is a choice, through satiating the ego and greed then you are always short-changed. On the other hand when you realize happiness is a choice, minus the ego and greed you will remain eternally happy.


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