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Amit Kumar

@blogger | Posted 05 Apr, 2019 |

Is Hotel Management a Good Course in India ?

lets user

@student | Posted 22 Nov, 2019

Yes, of course. People choose BHM  (Bachelor hotel management) because, for every young person, Hospitality is a great starting point. This teaches them customer service, which is the backbone of almost every role they will ever play. It will take them into life with excellent customer service skills; it can open up many more doors for them and also make them better-rounded individuals. It's a safe investment. You're having a great atmosphere. You're getting great benefits. You are able to make people happy.

Priyal Verma

Student | Posted 08 Apr, 2019

The hospitality industry has been a fast growing sector always with huge opportunities. At the present time, hotel management is one of the most attractive career options right now.This is as tourism is a major contributor to the GDP which is eventually making the hospitality sector boom.Since the hotel management facilitates tourism a lot and hence the government too is very in favour of supporting this particular sector in order to increase it’s contribution to the GDP.

There are an ample number of courses in form of degree/diploma/certificate one can take up just after graduation to go ahead in this line as per one’s convenience. Under this large umbrella term,there are obviously a lot of departments one can work in. For example, management, house keeping, hospitality ,front office operations , marketing and sales,accounts ,etc. In q nutshell, this sector has an array of job opportunities are present waiting to be grasped.