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Rohan Chauhan

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Is India entering into a Majoritarian-era?


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Majoritarian Era- when the policies, regulations and trends are decided on the opinions and views shared by the majority, however wrong. To say this that India is entering into a majoritarian era won’t be wrong. On many fronts, it is true.

In fact, majoritarianism was always very evident in India, despite noble attempts from many sections of the society. Published on October 21, 2016, Hindustan Times published an article titled- “Hindu Republic: India is being recreated into majoritarian state”, citing several instances of hate speeches and political incorrectness.

The Modi Government who is often seen against the minority and certain top-level media houses who are seen as pro-government—all these further impose the belief that the word ‘secularism’ from the structure of the country is being replaced by hyper-nationalism and Hinduism.

And if things don’t change anytime soon, with everything happening on the ground and digital space, India could be a victim of majoritarianism.

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