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Is iPad is consider one of the ultimate learning tool for students?


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iPad, as it is said, has revolutionized the way of education for school and university going students today. It has not just relieved students of their heavy back-packs, but has given a new edge to the entire system of education.

There are a lot of perks that a student can get with the features that iPad offers.

1. With iPad you can download as many books as you want, and completely get rid of the hardcopies which keep on collecting dust after you pass one standard and move to another.

2. With the applications like evernote, students can take notes in a much easier way in class.


3. iPad comes with a stylus, with the help of which, students can make handwritten notes and can also draw diagrams on iPad.

4. iPad also lets students record the audios of the ongoing lectures so that they don’t miss on any important part of what has been taught.

5. It helps you learn through audio-visuals, anywhere and anytime.

6. It is a great source of edutainment.


7. With the help of iPad, learning is not just theoretical, but becomes much practical.

8. With the help of iPad, one can access the live lectures even when one is not present in the class through face time feature.

9. iPad has the battery life of 10 hours to support the uninterrupted learning experience.

10. It comes with the Apple smart cover, stylus, and wireless keyboard to make your learning experience more comfortable.


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