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Ajay Paswan

Physical Education Trainer | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

Is Islam a threat to the society?


Director | Posted on

I like to discuss Indian Muslims here…

While I was in Bangalore, I remained in PG for 1 year. The name of the PG is some Hindu god's name (which I don't review). One day my PG companion disclosed to me that, the proprietors (siblings) of the PG are Muslims. I got inquisitive. I am old buddy with proprietor, so I had easygoing discussion and gotten some information about his convictions, he said he was conceived in a Muslim family, yet he and his families has confidence in Hinduism more than Islam.

This isn't it, I happen to realize numerous Muslims following Hinduism. Once, a minister in ISKCON revealed to me that they get numerous Muslims and Christians and their numbers are developing.

I likewise happen to see numerous Muslims visiting Hindu sanctuary. I have seen Muslim young ladies in burka remaining in line in Hindu sanctuary with pooja things in her grasp.

Statistics says that, there are 172 million Muslims in India, yet the unavoidable issue is, what number of among 172 million are not kidding Muslims?

Trust me, larger part of Muslims don't understand Quran (greater part of Hindus don't peruse Gita either).

One of my muslim companion who don't have father and has two sisters. He is endeavoring to accommodate family. Do you think he understands quran?

My neighbor family is Muslim. Spouse works in Saudi (work employment) and he visits once in two years. How long do you think he spend on understanding quran?

Current age Muslims who works 12 hours per day and 6 days every week, maybe invest their free energy having a ton of fun over understanding quran.

Everyone has their own issues and they don't have the opportunity to consider understanding quran.

Regardless of whether they are not kidding Muslims, do you think they go around abhorring non adherents, doing dread exercises, compelling others to change over? No. In no way, shape or form. Everyone has their own issues.

Muslim understudies consider tests, playing, cell phone, and so on.,

Muslim youngsters consider motion pictures, young ladies, facebook, excursion with companions, and so forth.,

Muslim representatives consider work stuffs, credit, costs, and so on.,

Mature age Muslims may peruse quran yet at the same time they consider different stuffs like wellbeing, amazing children, and so on.,


Blogger | Posted on

No Islam isn't a danger to our advanced society. The principle dangers are:-

Joblessness: People don't have work so to win their living they may get into fear monger associations. It could be of any religion Hindus can likewise be a piece of it.

Government: Anything and everything comes in a roundabout way on the Muslim people group. Sad to report yet the current government has minimal number of Muslim pastors as MPs.

In the event that administration don't empower for all intents and purposes, at that point what's the utilization of such a legislature. In talks they state we will secure all network however when they are have to utilized that time nothing is finished.


Media specialist | Posted on

This is a general belief of a small hardcore, right-wing population. And it’s a big misconception. In its real originality, Islam is one of the most peaceful religions. Sadly, few religious leaders – past and current – to fill in their own personal agendas have masterfully tweaked the meaning of Islam. And this has created all sorts of confusions.

No, Islam doesn’t promote violence; it says to avoid it, be loving, and create harmony. No, it does not deprive of women of their rights; it says to treat them with greater respect. No, it does not spread hate against other religions; it says to be more acceptable to others’ faith and belief.

The true meaning of Islam has been distorted to suit individual goals; individual goals of terrorists, politicians and other hateful, vengeful people.

Islam teaches Humanity— much like every other religion.

It’s not a threat to the society—it’s a lighting guide to peace, harmony and love. What is threat to the rest is few selected Muslims and other people who are hateful, greedy and propagandists, who spread lies and wrong beliefs under the shade of Islam.

Instead of taking Islam the wrong way, people needs to be more educated and sensible – everyone, from Muslims to Non-Muslims – to understand the realities and wrong agendas on the ground. We all must be empathetic. It’s not Islam that’s a threat to the society. It is few people.