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Is it Angelina Jolie's birthday today?


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Happy Birthday #AngelinaJolie, you are an inspiration to many. Keep on inspiring the world. 

One of the most famous and popular actresses of all time is Angelina Jolie. She is an American actress born on 4th June,1975 in Los Angeles, California. She has been awarded with 3 Golden Globe Awards, and an Academy Award. Angelina Jolie has been titled as the highest paid actress several times. 

She debuted in Hollywood when she was a child alongside her father in 1982. She started her career in acting with a low budget but soon she followed the path of success and acted as a leading actress in 1995. She is a great humanitarian and promotes education, women's rights and because of which she received the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award. Angelina Jolie has created her own image as the most powerful and she has influenced and also motivated many people in the entertainment industry. She has flaunted herself so well that she has been declared as the world's most beautiful woman. Many media platforms have said that has been the perfect example of beauty. 
She has been an example to many people all around, she adopted 3 children and gave them new lives. 

Early life 
Early life of Angelina Jolie started from the point where her parents got separated and she and her brother decided to live with her mother. Her mother left her career to give a proper lifestyle to her kids. Soon Angelina joined the Hollywood industry and led the path of success. As her career went up, she got involved with successful actors in the form of relationships. She was married to Jonny Lee Miller and Billy Bob Thornton. Recently, she has been legally separated from Brad Pitt. Angelina and Brad have 6 children and 3 of them are adopted. 
Jolie has been committed to her acting career very professionally since she was 16. At the beginning, she fought because there were difficulties in finding auditions and for some time it was too dark for her. She began her professional work in 1993 before that she was featured in her brother's short films for school/college work. In 1997, she won a Golden Globe Award. Jolie has been featured in many industries. She has given her full potential in her career and because of which she is known for what she has done for Hollywood

Angelina Jolie is an amazing actor, mother, humanitarian and promoted so much. She is the live example of the perfect person who could give three children new lives and has given so much to the society and also through her talent. 

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