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Teacher | Posted on | others

Is it okay for a girl to be bisexual?


Manager at Amazon | Posted on

You can be anyone as you wish. The most important thing is you should be open to the idea of falling in love or having sex with a male or female without cheating the person you and the person you have been with.

You are free to be straight, bisexual, poly, trans, or whatever you want to be. It is pointless to stress over sexual orientation or whoever you are attracted to. It all depends on you and how you choose to live. Your sexuality is just a part of you and you shouldn’t be ashamed of it.

Sexuality is like some people like to eat pineapple pizza without a second thought while some never want to eat it at any cost. You should never conclude something on the basis of superficial things because once you go deeper, you will always find more and experience things that you have been refraining due to social stigma.



Blogger | Posted on

What an inept inquiry. Why wouldnt it be?

A few people have the profoundly mixed up conviction that in the event that you accomplice is cross-sexual, they are bound to undermine you. This is bogus. Sexuality and profound quality are not associated. There is the same amount of an opportunity of a straight young lady going behind your back with another person, as there is of a cross-sexual young lady going behind your back with another young lady or fellow. Why? In such a case that they have solid virtues, genuinely care about you, and are happy with your demeanor of adoration to them, they won't cheat, period. On the off chance that they are feeble to enticement, dont really care about you, and are unsatisfied with your appearance of adoration to them, they will cheat, period. This is valid for straights, gays, and lesbians; sexuality has nothing to do with it. A con artist will cheat, and a devoted accomplice will stay unwavering, paying little mind to their sexuality.