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Sher Singh

Social Activist | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

Is it true that Maoist are planning to murder Prime Minister Modiji?


Threat of assassination and world leaders are non-separable. From Martin Luther King to our own Mahatma Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi world witnessed so many brutal murders.

Prime Minister Modiji is a tough leader to oppose. He took so many steps to stop terrorism, Maoism. During his regime, Naxalites and anti social elements could not move freely and do their destructive work. Owing to this the security of our PM is always under threat from our neighboring nations or from anti social elements from inside India.

Maharashtra police arrested 5 people on Wednesday for their links with the banned Communist Party of India (Maoist). While investigating the arrested Maoist, the police officials got a lead of plans to assassinate Prime Minister Narendra Modiji . A letter, dated April 18 2017 and addressed to one "Comrade Prakash" was found from the home of activist Rona Wilson. The letter stated that 'targeting the Prime Minister during road shows will be a successful one and Modi led Hindu fascist regime is bulldozing its way into the lives of indigenous adivasis. It sounds suicidal and there is a good chance that we might fail but we feel that the party PB/CC must deliberate over our proposal '.

In a shocking revelation the Pune police said that their plan is to follow Rajiv Gandhi type of assassination.

Union Home Minister Mr. Rajnath Singh said PM's security is the top priority of the government and the reported Maoist plan of assassination is a hollow threat.

But congress party's member Sanjay Nirupam said that it was an old tactics used by Mr. Modi, whenever his popularity dipped.

Let us hope that our country and its PM is safe and remain as a peaceful, non-violent nation ever.