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Priya Gupta

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Is it true that women stop caring about things after the age of 40?


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I don’t know about what “things” you specifically wanna know. But yes, it won’t be wrong to say that women become way too careless in their 40s. As they say, saying goodbye to your 30s is not as difficult as bidding adieu to your 20s, and that’s where the change starts.

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Women are essentially known as the more caring gender and rightly so. They are more considerate about their looks, family, friends, education, career, etc. than men. The graph of care and consideration, however, experiences a downfall as a woman enters in her 40s. I have seen my elder sister undergoing this change.

 A woman may still care about her family and relationships, but she definitely becomes careless towards herself.

The first thing that I noticed in my sister when she entered her 40s was that she became anti-social and stopped giving a damn about unnecessary associations. She used to say that she didn’t have enough energy for all such socializing.

We talked one day and she told me that a woman like her have got everything she could ask for in her life. She has a loving husband, children, and a few friends who visit her regularly. She told me that she doesn’t see the need of anyone else in her life and she’s content with these many relationships.

One more thing that I often heard her quoting was “Afternoon is the new night”. Yes, she lost interest in night parties and night-outs and other hangouts that we used to indulge in so much before. She even started to look for excuses to stay at home, and that too not for her children!
In the 40s, the definition of her pleasure time changed drastically, and activities like reading, sleeping, cooking, and watching documentaries became her hobbies. She was not the woman who used to love going to pubs and party. The happiest thing about this change was that she stopped caring about those who called her “aunty” or “uncool”.

My sister also stopped taking as much care about her looks as she used to before. Of course, being a woman, she won’t go entirely indifferent towards the signs of ageing, but I have seen her taking all the changes like a boss. She has learned to wear her age so confidently that it actually suits her now. She has also developed a knack of quoting old-school idioms, which makes me wonder if she is not slowly turning into our mom who used to do the same in Hindi.

And guess what! She doesn’t make faces when I compare her with my mom like she used to before. She, instead, gives a very satisfied smile, as if that’s what exactly she’s trying to achieve.


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