Is it true that Yogi Adityanath is the best CM in India, even better than Arvind Kejriwal? - letsdiskuss
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Army constable | Posted | others

Is it true that Yogi Adityanath is the best CM in India, even better than Arvind Kejriwal?


Army constable | Posted

there ought to be no questions that yogi adityanath is far superior than Kejriwal. I mean there shouldn't be any examination with yogi of any CM in India.
  • proud Hindu and doesn't do any submission legislative issues to extremist Islam.
  • recall the solid peace against CAA protestors?  
  • he is glad to be Hindu.  
  • he once stated: presenting Hanuman Chalisa at home and wearing Islamic cap outside is phony Hinduism.  
  • he talks overwhelmingly about Hinduism and said "Hindu can't be an agitator and fear monger". on the off chance that he, at that point consumes him alive.  
  • best wellbeing framework and office.


  • he lectures revolutionary Islam and socialism.
  • recall how he figured out how to end lawfulness of Delhi and hostile to Hindu mobs during CAA?  
  • his own gathering part Tahir Hussain captured for being agitator.  
  • mollification legislative issues towards revolutionary Islam is at its pinnacle.  
  • he expanded revolutionary Islamist annuity to 12000 per month.
  • he upheld CAA yet never upheld smash mandir. they needed to construct emergency clinic rather than slam mandir however never talked about masjid.  
  • he generally talked about most elevated excess spending state and best wellbeing in India.  
  • what befell that wellbeing framework?  
  • they were underground until Amit shah came in to deal with Delhi circumstance against Chinese infection.  
  • not great at producing business and continue posting counterfeit plan on FB, Twitter, Instagram. both Kejriwal and Sisodia best at getting out phony word.  
  • shared uproars happened ordinarily.  
  • one was during trump visit.  
  • assault Hindus and vandalize of Hindu sanctuaries by revolutionary Islamist.



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