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Is it worth buying a Lamborghini or is there a fancier status symbol out there?


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The answer is very, very subjective. And different people will have different versions.

Foremost, the fact that you’re even asking this simply means that you aren’t particularly an enthusiast of such cars.

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Here’s a thing: Yes, there are people who love the expensive leather on their car’s seat. Yes, there are those who love to have the highest horsepower in their cars. Yes, there are people who genuinely love to collect luxury cars. BUT the number of this population is very small.

The majority of the people who invest in fancy cars (and other stuff like watches and handbags) – they do not necessarily like that object. They just like how its ownership makes them feel in front of their friends, relatives, and strangers. THEY ARE INSECURE.

Luxury items are make-up that people use to cover their insecurities.

They use a commodity to look better in social settings. They use these expensive items as a base to build self-worth and ego.

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And that’s exactly why many people buy Lamborghini. Not because they necessarily enjoy the ride but because how that ride makes them feel in the social setups (and on Instagram images).

They use this luxury car as a social symbol to build their value and sense of security.

Are you sure that you don’t belong in the same group?

If you’re debating whether you should buy a Lamborghini, it’s a clear sign that you don’t care about the car – you don’t care about its powerful performance and specifications. You simply want to buy it because, apparently, that’s what rich people buy when they have enough money. They buy luxury items. And here’s an interesting part – most of them don’t even know why.

The people who buy Gucci bags, do they really know why there are investing in that expensive brand? Likely not!

These products are marketed and branded in a way that suggests once you have enough money, you buy them. Why? Nobody knows substantially. Why does a product make you feel better about your worth? Nobody knows.

So, if you aren’t passionate about luxury cars, don’t purchase Lamborghini.

Now all the preaching done, here’s something to remember: Lamborghini isn’t a bad car. It’s the best in its category. It delivers super performance. To a large extent, its price is worth the value it brings to the owners.


But in the end, it comes down to the important questions you ask to yourself:

· Why do I want to buy this car?

· Am I passionate about luxury cars?

· Do I want to buy Lamborghini because of the way it makes me feel in front of others?

· Do I want to have this car to build my worth and ego in front of others?

Should you buy a Lamborghini? As mentioned earlier in the answer, it’s very subjective. It comes down to your individual reasons.

Yes, the car is worth the money. But that isn’t enough of a reason why anyone should buy Lamborghini.


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