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Simran Kapoor

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Is kim jong aive or is it his duplicate ?


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Kim Jong Un Dead or Alive: Does the North Korean Leader Use a Double Body as Hitler and Saddam? Here is the TruthKim Jong Un News: To understand whether or not a double body was used, people on social media have been analyzing photos from Kim's recent appearance, with special emphasis on her teeth and ears.

New Delhi: Days after Kim Jong Un broke the rumors of his death by attending a mass opening ceremony in Sunchon, South Pyongyang Province, reports say the man who appeared in public was not North Korea's real leader, but his body was double. Also read - Kim Jong Un Dead or Living Here The Truth

Earlier on May 2, the Rodong Sinmun newspaper and North Korea Central Television released photos and a video clip of Kim, cutting the ribs of the fertilizer plant. She was seen walking, smiling, laughing, moving the crowds. Senior officials, including his sister and his successor, Kim Yo Jong, were also present. Read Also - Day After Photos, Comes Fire Fire: South Korea Believes Kim Jong-Un Wants To Deliver This Message

But now, it is alleged that Kim Jong Un was using a doppelganger to make his presence public. False conspiracy theories believe that dictators including Adolph Hitler and Saddam Hussain used double bodies. Also read - 'Glad to See Him Back and Well,' Trump Tweets as Kim Jong-Un Made 20 First Community Appearances

To understand whether a double body is used or not, people on social media have been analyzing photos of Kim's recent looks, with her emphasis on teeth and ears.

Taken from this blogging site, former British MP Louise Mensch said Kim's teeth and ears in the recent photos look very different from the ones that were taken earlier.

Allegations about Kim's ill health increased after her mysterious disappearance for nearly three weeks. Several reports had claimed that the 36-year-old dictator passed away after a heart surgery or collapsed.

The reports came after Kim was spotted attending an important annual meeting at the Kumessan Palace in Langa on the April 15 birth anniversary of the founding of the centenary with her grandmother, Kim Il-sung.

Published: Wed, May 6, 2020 7:33 pm

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He's alive. He was recently on TV. He was hiding on the island from coronavirus