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Is -Laila- serial on Netflix really anti-Hindu?


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A channel known for streaming video, Netflix is ​​now surrounded by controversies. The case is that of a web series of Laila. It is a serial made under the direction of Deepa Mehta and it depicts how 2047 will be. The serial has been accused of showing Hindus as fanatical and antisocial and that it has been tried to show women behaving like animals.
It is obvious that Hindus are tolerant and that is why anyone can speak anything against them or play with their religion and reverence.
It is absolutely true that something similar has been shown in the Laila serial, which annoys every Hindu. But this thing is not catching up so much because Hindu is famous for his calm nature.
This serial is truly anti-Hindu and it should either bind Netflix or Hindus should stop watching Netflix. By the way, many complaints have been made to Netflix and the government from various organizations, which will definitely see some results in the coming days.


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